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February 20th, 2017 by Eco Choice

Why Everyone is Talking About Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows, which were first adopted in Germany, have made their way to North America. This innovative window system is becoming the replacement window of choice for many homeowners looking for an upgrade in beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency. These windows open in two ways directions, depending on the position of the handle,

February 13th, 2017 by Eco Choice

A Quick Guide to Vinyl Windows

When it’s time to consider replacing your windows, being faced with numerous choices can be overwhelming, to say the least. Do you go with a wood frame, aluminum frame, vinyl frame, or fiberglass frame? Fixed or sliding sashes? Single sliding window or double hung? Single pane or triple glazed? That’s not even getting into your

February 6th, 2017 by Eco Choice

2017 Trends in Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can make or break the look of your house, hold back energy efficiency, and even affect the appraised value and resale value of your home. 2017 might finally be the year to give your house the curb appeal it deserves. Ready to invest in replacement windows or a new front door?

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