10 reasons to choose Eco Choice for replacement windows and doors

Find out why you should get Eco Choice for your next window or door installation project.

1. Experienced window and door replacement

Founded by two entrepreneurs who were driven by offering the most professional window and door installation services in the industry, today, Eco Choice is an award-winning company. We bring unrivaled experience in reliable products of high quality.

2. Quality products

For windows and doors that are reputable and durable, choose Eco Choice. Our products are engineered for both form and function; our team has an industry-wide reputation for high-quality installation and durability. Windows and doors are backed by long warranties.

3. High performance

Windows and doors are available for all performance requirements. Many Eco Choice products are ENERGY STAR® compliant and incorporate cutting-edge energy efficiency features. Since our inception, we have been recognized as trusted specialists for energy-efficient homes. Our products and window installation service add value to the home and lower energy bills for years.

4. Large Selection of products

Replacing exterior doors and windows is a great way to refresh the façade. Choose from traditional and contemporary styles, and a wide selection of colors and materials to get the desired effect. With Eco Choice’s wide range of products, you will find solutions that fit your needs.

5. ENERGY STAR products

True to its name Eco Choice has a huge variety of ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors that are even higher performing than what the standards require. That means you can find products that are suited for the climate in your region. Aging and inefficient window replacement and door replacement with Eco Choice make for huge savings on heating and electricity bills, especially during Canada’s harsh winters.

6. Long-lasting reliability

Superior build quality and industry-leading warranties are at the core of the stellar performance of Eco Choice windows and doors. Our products are some of the most reliable you can buy for your home. Homeowners in Toronto and GTA trust us as the reliable choice for door and window installation.

7. Sustainable manufacturing and installation

Eco Choice is committed to windows and doors that are efficiently and ethically made. We believe that environmentally friendly practices begin with responsible production and installation. Our approach to sustainability pervades eco-friendly choices and working practices in everything we do.

8. Long warranty

Every Eco Choice product comes with warranty information that protects buyers from defects in material and workmanship. We believe products should last a lifetime and our windows and doors come with long warranties that provide years of worry-free use. If you do require assistance, we will ensure friendly and prompt service and are always happy to assist you.

9. House value

Replacing exterior doors, like the front door, and windows can add up to 5% of the sale price of the home. Handsome windows and creating an alluring entrance have a profoundly positive impact on prospective buyers – and the Eco Choice name is one they trust.

10. Hassle-Free door and window replacement

At Eco Choice, we want to make the process of choosing new and replacement windows and doors for your house as easy and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we have a wealth of information that helps you make the right decision and understand how the project will proceed. Experienced installers bring years of experience and make installation seamless.