5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Window Replacement This Fall

Once again, the season adored by so many Canadians is upon us. Fall is a great time of year to get work done around the house, as the weather is warm enough to be working outside for long periods of time without getting too cold and brisk enough so that you can work all day and not risk suffering from heat stroke. With winter fast approaching, one of the best renovations you can perform on your home is a window replacement. Here are five reasons why you should do a window replacement this Fall.

1. Your current windows are outdated in terms of style or colour

Like most consumer goods, whether fashion or furniture, window styles come and go. What was popular when your house was first built may not be popular anymore, and this could be affecting the overall look and value of your home. Additionally, old windows can look worn and fragile. A window replacement can solve this problem. Purchase from a progressive window manufacturer like Eco Choice will ensure that your home features the latest style of window in a material that’s much more modernized after your window replacement.

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2. A window replacement will increase the energy efficiency of your home

Vinyl windows from Eco Choice are designed to reduce heat loss and improve overall energy efficiency in your home. Both the material and the expert installation from your window replacement will result in excellent savings on your energy bills. This is especially crucial considering that Winter is fast approaching, and the improved heat retention from your new windows will be all the more advantageous.

3. A window replacement in the Fall will be cheaper

End-of-season pricing and cheaper contractor rates can sometimes help towards lowering the costs of your window replacement. Additionally, because Fall is traditionally a slower season for contractors, your project will likely be finished faster and take less time to schedule.

4. Decreased maintenance costs

By replacing your old windows with new, energy-efficient vinyl windows from Eco Choice, you’ll reduce the tedious maintenance your old windows required. Wooden frame windows may have required staining, or they may have peeled or chipped. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free.

5. Your window replacement will help to increase the value of your home

New windows mean an updated look, improved energy efficiency, and decreased maintenance time and costs, which all combine to translate into a higher price for your home. If you’re considering selling your home next spring, a window replacement is a great investment to make. Even if you’re not selling in the short term, a window replacement will make a great long-term investment when you finally decide to sell your home. It will become a selling feature that your agent can tell potential buyers about.

A window replacement is a fantastic investment for homeowners that provides many benefits. Vinyl windows from Eco Choice offer energy efficiency, and attractive styling and boost the value of your home. Fall is the best time to perform a window replacement, so contact Eco Choice Windows and Doors in Toronto today to get a free estimate.