Did You Know About These 5 Window Replacement Myths?

Considering a window replacement, but torn apart due to the amount of (mis)information on the internet? Here, we bust the top five myths concerning window replacement, for you.

Myth #1 You Can Replace Your Own Windows

We agree, folks, Toronto is one of the most expensive metros in Canada. With the cost of living skyrocketing, it is easy to fall prey to the notion of counting pennies in order to save for a rainy day. But, trust us, saving on a window replacement in Toronto by doing it yourself is not the way to do it.

If it’s not the investment that is motivating you and you simply enjoy moonlighting as a handyman, we admire your spirit. However, the reason we wouldn’t recommend that you get your hands dirty with a window replacement is that there are just too many things that could go wrong.

Consider the fact that the measurements have to be on point and different window materials require different frameworks. Not to mention the likelihood of getting hurt and long-term lung impairment that might stem from inhaling the dust.

Do you really want to put yourself through the ordeal? Why not call your friendly neighbourhood window experts Toronto to get it done, nice and clean, for you?

Myth #2 Why Replace Windows? I’ve Got Scotch Tape

There exists a second category of homeowners who rely on quick fixes. If there’s a slight crack or maybe a teeny-tiny hole, the scotch tape should fix it, right?

We hate to be the one to tell you, Bob, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

“The AL window rating or a Air Leakage window rating is a measurement of the amount of air that permeates into your house through windows.”

An Air-Leakage Rating of less than 0.30 is crucial to creating a liveable room temperature. For this reason, it is considered the ideal number and contributes to the Energy Star Certification of a window. Enough with the jargon talk, tell us why this matters, you say? We’ll tell you.

The subarctic chills you might feel at night aren’t really because of the ghost in the attic. Nor is the toastiness in summer due to grandma meddling with the thermostat. Air infiltration in the house is a huge cause for temperature fluctuations. And in most homes, a slightly higher or lower temperature inside can be directly traced to the quality of windows.

This is why going for a window replacement, Toronto, is so important. Even more important is choosing a professional contractor whose Energy Star-rated windows can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

Myth #3 Window Replacements Cost Too Much & Take Too Long

If you have been asking yourself how much it costs to replace windows or how long it takes to replace them, no contractor can give you a definite answer. The cost and duration vary with the type of window frame, pane and any individual requests that might have to be factored in.

“For instance, uPVC windows might have a different price tag attached to them compared to the regular PVC windows.”

While some websites quote an average range of between $300 to $1,000, you might get a unique cost from each contractor. This is because it depends on their availability, and access to and relationship with raw material vendors. However, before you begin pinching them pennies, think about how much you’ll save in terms of energy and gain in terms of comfort, from a professional window replacement.

At Eco Choice, we understand how difficult it is for homeowners to make a one-time investment and offer several financing options that are easy on your pocket. In addition, before you even sign with us, you can request a free quote to get a clear picture of the costs you will incur.


Myth #4 All Window Replacements Are The Same

Should we have not emphasized this point enough, we’ll tell you again, Toronto, no two window replacements are alike. Vinyl and aluminum windows might require a full-frame replacement, where the sash and frame must be removed. For a wooden window, the process is different.

Myth #5 Window Replacement Is Just Another Name For New Window Installation

“What is the difference between new construction windows and replacement windows?” That’s a common question that pops up on the internet when one searches for “window replacement Toronto”.

We’d be happy to clarify that for you. When replacing windows, one does not make changes to the exteriors of a home. The most common reason to replace windows is damage to the frame or studs (think rot, rat or mould). As we mentioned before, it could also be to increase energy efficiency.

New windows are a part of the process of constructing new homes. In some cases, the exposed window studs may be cause for new window installation.

Now that you have a better idea about the benefits of window replacement, why not take the first step? Call EcoChoice, Toronto Window Experts, today.