7 Common Misconceptions About Vinyl Windows

vinyl windows

Vinyl has been one of the most popular window materials for many years. Yet, it is still subject to many misconceptions that may keep homeowners from considering it an attractive option for window replacements.

Today, let’s debunk seven of the most common misconceptions about vinyl windows so that you can make informed decisions when looking for window replacements.

Low-Quality Material

One common misconception is that vinyl is a weak, low-quality material, which has been very persistent. In fact, modern vinyl windows offer some of the highest quality among window materials, thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques and methods. Unlike older generations, vinyl windows these days often match or even surpass other materials in terms of durability and performance. What has a far bigger impact on the quality of your windows is a professional installation that ensures everything is properly level and sealed.

Limited Design Options

Contrary to popular belief, vinyl windows offer as many design options as other materials, if not more. You can get vinyl windows in a wide range of styles, from traditional double-hung windows to contemporary picture windows and casement windows, so you’ll be able to find a vinyl window for any need or requirement.

Tying into this, many homeowners believe that vinyl limits them in terms of colour choice as well. While it is true that most vinyl windows are white, it is mostly because they are a neutral colour that matches pretty much any interior or exterior design. However, vinyl windows are available in many colours, so you can customize them to fit your plans easily. You can also choose from a variety of finishes and decorative accents to give you even more options to make your windows fit perfectly.

Prone to Warping and Fading

One of the biggest worries of homeowners is that their investment won’t last, and especially with vinyl, the misconception that vinyl windows are prone to warping and fading has been persistent. While early versions may have had these issues, technologies have advanced far beyond that point. Now, UV-resistant materials guarantee there won’t be any fading or discolouring even many years down the line. They also are sturdier than ever, thanks to reinforced frames and sashes, so you don’t have to worry about their structural integrity either.

vinyl windows

Poor Energy Efficiency

Every homeowner worries about energy efficiency, especially during winter when you don’t want to lose precious heat. Another persistent misconception is that vinyl windows are not energy efficient, but in reality, they are quite the opposite. Vinyl is one of the best insulators you can find, with very low U-values, indicating great insulation and low heat transfer. Combine that with multi-pane glass and insulated frames, and you have a unit that will protect your home from losing energy and, with that, money.

Difficult to Maintain

Nobody likes to do maintenance, and the windows are no different. Sure, we have to clean them, but outside of that, most homeowners want their windows installed and just do their job. For some reason, vinyl is still plagued by the misconception that it takes a lot of effort to maintain, but this is not so. All they take is an occasional cleaning with soap and water, and that’s it. Where wood windows might need painting and staining to keep up their good looks and some metal frames might be prone to rust, vinyl will keep its colour and finish without much hassle.

Limited Lifespan

We’re not sure where the misconception of vinyl having a limited lifespan comes from, but it is one of the sturdiest materials you can find. Modern, high-quality vinyl windows are made from uPVC, which is the type that does not contain additional softeners, resulting in sturdy and durable constructions. Vinyl is also resistant to rot, corrosion, and insect damage, so it’s not surprising that many manufacturers offer warranties of 25 years or more

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