7 Most Common Window Types For Your Home

New windows provide houses with good ventilation and natural light and are exceptionally energy-efficient.

The following are the most common window types for homes:

  • Casement Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Single and Double-hung Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • European Tilt-and-turn Windows
  • Awning Windows

1. Casement Windows

This window type allows for excellent ventilation to enter any room. Its hinge makes it swing open and close, similarly to how doors work.

Casement window style is popular for being sturdy, easy to clean, and having a dual seal system that offers exceptional energy efficiency.

Casement Windows

2. Picture Windows

Picture windows offer a low window profile to allow for greater light and a large viewing of the outdoors. Picture windows cannot open or close, therefore they produce the highest energy efficiency rating in our replacement vinyl window styles.

Picture Windows Toronto

3. Single and Double-hung Windows

Hung windows are a common option among homeowners. This style opens in a vertical direction, but while single-hung windows open from the bottom half, double-hung windows open from both top and bottom panels providing more airflow.

Single Hung Window


Houses that have poor ventilation can significantly benefit from these windows. They are also easy to clean and are very cost-effective.

4. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open horizontally, allowing excellent ventilation to enter a room. These windows are very popular due to their durability and easy maintenance. 

sliding windows


As one of the most common and efficient window types, sliding windows are among the least expensive window types to install or replace.

5. Bay Windows

Bay windows group three panels together, with one straight panel in the centre and two angular panels on each side. They are commonly placed in spacious dining or living rooms. 

Bay Windows Toronto


These popular windows are highly energy-efficient. An alternative is bow windows

Bay windows offer excellent natural light, aside from providing a touch of luxury.

6. European Tilt-and-turn Windows

European tilt-and-turn windows are increasingly becoming more popular among Canadian homeowners, as they offer high efficiency, security and airflow.

Tilt and Turn Windows e1575603418677 002


Airflow is possible by swinging the window sash inwards at the bottom or the top – depending on where the hinge is placed. 

Tilt-and-turn windows are effortless to manage and maintain and an excellent choice for those looking for energy-efficient windows.

7. Awning Windows

Awning windows are a good option for homeowners who want a lot of ventilation.

Affordable Awning Windows in Toronto


With a hinge at the top that effortlessly twists outwards, awning windows are easy to open and close. Awning windows are commonly found in kitchens and basements.

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