A Closer Look at Novatech’s Steel and Fiberglass Doors

At Eco Choice Windows & Doors, we supply and install only the highest quality steel and fiberglass doors from trusted manufacturers. Novatech Entry Doors are widely recognized for their premium quality and immaculate finishes without exorbitant costs to our customers, and this enables unprecedented value without sacrifice. Featuring a vast range of styles befitting any home or business and built to firmly last, they are a wonderful addition to any property and suitable for a variety of budgets.


Novatech’s suite of entry doors is as diverse as the customers who opt for them, and it is organized into several unique collections. Steel Doors, for example, are available from either the Shaker, Design, Prestige, or Classic collections, each boasting specialized style elements to complement any contemporary or traditionally inspired structure.

In addition, collection-focused framing profiles are designed to allow for either a luxuriously detailed or subdued yet elegantly simple addition to any home or business. Other options include customizable cut-outs and matching sidelites.

Each collection’s selection of products is designed to offer a complete and dignified suite of add-ons that blend harmoniously with one another, ensuring that no matter what you’re interested in, there are ways to complement your purchase and make a lasting impression.


Novatech door glass panels are specially engineered to filter the maximum amount of light into an interior space as possible without sacrificing efficiency, security, or privacy. In conjunction with the aforementioned design features, they are widely available in a comprehensive range of finishes and treatments that allow for various degrees of clarity or obscurity, depending on the property owner’s wishes for privacy.

Customers can quickly identify the privacy level of a product to determine whether or not it is suitable for the environment where they wish to install it. They are free to opt for either clear glass, striking modern compositions comprised of cutting-edge shapes and glazing, or traditionally inspired creations that provide incredible light filtration as well as unprecedented privacy.

Door glass can be configured to either be completely clear so objects and figures can be seen from the other side with utmost clarity, diffused or distorted for moderate privacy but for objects and figures to remain detectable from the other side, or completely opaque to provide maximum security and privacy without preventing light from entering interior spaces.

Novatech High-Performance System Door


Novatech’s collections of products are meticulously handcrafted according to exacting construction specifications to ensure premium quality and thoroughly reliable product every time — their penchant for quality control is second to none in the door and window industry. Decorative panels are handcrafted to pay accurate and equally durable homage to stained glass panels of yesteryear. All joints are constructed of solid metals and soldered by hand and premium caming finishes ensure that framing and panels can withstand regular daily use for years to come.

Finally, door and window panels undergo a rigorous and thorough inspection process to ensure no imperfect product of questionable quality is shipped out. This culminates in a trustworthy fixture that meets the safety and reliability standards of modern society and building codes. Regardless of whether you opt for a windowless Oso steel entry door or a sandblast-textured Zenith sidelight, the possibilities are quite endless but the penchant for premium quality always remains the same.


Investing in a Novatech product is to invest in durability, reliability, and long-term satisfaction. Integrated mini-blind systems, several grill and transom options, signature handles in brushed and oil-rubbed finishes, security bars, and ultra-resistant screens are available for patio door systems, for example. Additionally, bronze and grey tinting are available as well as triple and/or Low E glass integration and many other innovative features.

Combined with meticulously engineered insulation systems to boost energy efficiency, you can expect any of these products to not only make your intended space more stylish and durable, but also more protected from adverse weather impacts, air and internal temperature leakages, and maintenance needs. Novatech entry doors and door glass products come with either a 10-year or lifetime warranty, and patio doors are guaranteed with a 20-year warranty.

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By investing in Novatech doors, you can trust that you are investing in a highly durable, meticulously engineered, energy-efficient, and unquestionably beautiful addition that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations in terms of beauty and quality. Available in a vast range of designs, finishes, and structural compositions ranging from steel-framed with full-length glass to solid polished metal with maximum privacy and security, they are well-suited for any home in the GTA.

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