Addressing the Myth: When is the Right Time to Replace My Windows?

It’s funny how people will swear by whatever method they use to get a job done and aren’t shy about sharing their expertise. You should dust before you vacuum. Cut in with a brush before you paint your walls. Bring the water to a complete boil before you dump in the potatoes. Well for all of those who vacuum first, use a roller before a brush and drop their spuds into cold water, you’ll be happy to know that your way works just as well. Now we come to a real conundrum. Is it better to change out your windows in summer or winter?

Buying vs. Installation

First of all, ordering your windows doesn’t need to happen in the same month as you have them fitted. It may, in fact, be beneficial to order your new windows in the winter months as these tend to be less busy for both manufacturers and installers. April and May are usually the peak months for ordering, and the ones in which dealers have less incentive to offer their customers a lower price.

If you order in January, you might benefit from a seasonal promotion and be able to wait until the weather warms up to book the installation. Restricted warehousing space may mean your new windows can only be stored for a few weeks, however, so there could be limits as to how long you can take between ordering and installation.

Fall and Winter Installations

Even though many people prefer to have their windows fitted in the warmer months, there are several advantages to fall and winter installations.

--> No excessive heat or humidity as the installation is proceeding

--> No bugs in the house

--> More availability and flexibility in scheduling

--> Less of a problem finding another suitable time if the weather isn’t co-operating or you need to reschedule

Winter installations can take a little longer depending on snow and ice build-up. Keeping out the cold for a few hours, however, usually just involves shutting an inner door. Heavy blankets can also be used to close off the immediate area around the window and contain any heat loss. Caulking and adhesives developed specifically for cold weather are used to ensure that the windows are perfectly tight and well-sealed.

windows replacement

Spring and Summer Installations 

Many people think that windows can only be fitted during warm weather, so the spring and summer months are always peak periods for installation. Warmer weather also has its advantages.

--> No cold draughts

--> No need to scrape snow and ice from the framing

--> Easier access shortens installation time

--> Immediate saving on the energy costs of air-conditioning

The downside of summer installations is that it’s harder to keep out the humidity than the cold.  Additionally, you may have a harder time scheduling an installation appointment if you don’t book early or can’t keep to your scheduled dates.

In the end, the best time to replace your windows is when you’re ready to make a home improvement that’s going to brighten your interior, enhance your curb appeal, and save you a ton of money on your energy bills.  In other words, you can schedule an installation at any time of the year and reap the rewards that come with beautiful new windows.

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