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March 12th, 2015 by Eco Choice

The Advantages of Vinyl Windows

For homeowners planning a new home, replacing existing windows, or just retrofitting, the option of installing vinyl windows is an ideal one. In recent years, vinyl windows have become a very popular alternative to wood, fiberglass and aluminum construction. They are very easily installed, practically maintenance free, and extremely energy efficient. When professionally installed, vinyl windows will provide years and years of indoor comfort and performance.


1. Energy Efficiency

One definite advantage of vinyl windows is their insulation value. Compared to other window options (and especially aluminum), vinyl windows have excellent sealing capacity – they keep the heat inside during winter, and keep the heat outside during summer. For the most part, vinyl windows are fabricated with PVC – it’s material that has high R-Value, and consequently delivers excellent insulation wherever installed.

The most obvious benefit of energy efficiency is energy conservation, and that results in lower seasonal energy bills. With high quality vinyl windows and an expert installation, the utility savings will make the project investment well worthwhile. In fact, in a short span of time, energy savings are quite significant – the savings on winter heating and summer cooling could well pay down the overall cost of the vinyl windows.


2. Style and Selection

Today, style and selection in vinyl windows is wide ranging. Vinyl windows can be molded into virtually any shape, and can be colored to suit any palette. This allows a homeowner to match any décor and complete a customized look for the home. And because manufacturing is fully customizable, new vinyl windows can be easily fabricated to fit into existing spaces, or can be totally custom fit when size and shape is irregular.


3. Maintenance Free

Vinyl windows are practically maintenance free. With their durable and resilient surface, they are fully finished and sealed prior to installation. There’s no need to repaint and no need to re-surface. Vinyl windows are resistant to dirt and mold, and remain unaffected by UV sunlight, which means they will not fade or wear over time. Vinyl windows are also known to last far longer than other options, ensuring cost-effectiveness.


4. Noise Reduction

Most homeowners don’t put enough emphasis on noise reduction. When it comes to reducing noise levels from the outdoors, vinyl windows do the job. In fact, dual-paned vinyl windows provide an excellent sound barrier to the outside. Day or night, the effect is quite noticeable – there’s actually peace and quiet inside the home. Noise reduction is one of the extra benefits of vinyl windows not readily available with other windows.


Window replacement or retrofitting is a major project by any description. And vinyl windows have numerous advantages over other product options. Even in the basement, installing vinyl windows can keep the space draft-free, and comfortable from one season to the next. In terms of aesthetics, vinyl windows are attractive and serve to enhance a home’s value. Importantly, vinyl windows are an affordable home improvement project, and they do more than many of the other home improvements that only serve beautify.

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