Can Your Door Handle the Weather?


Whether it’s the intense summer humidity and sun, the gusty wind and rain, or the frigid winter ice and sub-zero temperatures – exterior doors take a beating. The effects can show up in ways that many homeowners may not realize, such as your utility bills. Over the years, as your door endures the weather elements, it can begin to wear away the seals and weatherstripping. This can result in drafts and force your home’s HVAC system to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.


You may not realize it, but your entranceway and front door can play a big role in energy loss, making your home uncomfortable even with your HVAC unit working overtime. Whether it’s your front entrance door, back door, garden door, or sliding patio door, it’s important to recognize whether your door can handle the weather and when it might be time for an upgrade.


Rain and Flooding in the Spring


When springtime arrives, we welcome it with open arms after the long, gruelling winter. And even if your door has survived the harsh winter weather, it’s not over yet. With spring comes an abundance of rainfall. And the combination of gusty wind and rain can cause that moisture to whip against exterior doors more so than you may think. As moisture settles along the door and frame, it can begin to soften the structure of wooden doors and frames and cause rotting, warping, bowing, bending, and cracking. Steel and fiberglass doors, in contrast, are much more durable and will not suffer these same effects in harsh spring weather.


Additionally, if you didn’t get those gutters cleaned out from the leftover winter debris, that pooling water can travel along and cause much more severe structural damage to your exterior. When it comes to excessive moisture and potential spring flooding, you need a door that you can rely on to handle the weather.


Heat and Bugs in the Summer


Even when the rain has passed and the sun begins to shine during the summer, your front door can still be susceptible to damage. When the intense sun begins to crank up and shine for prolonged periods of time, that heat and humidity can take a toll on your wooden door, causing it to crack and split. And with the surge of summer bugs, you need a tight seal so that they don’t have easy access through cracks and gaps in your door. New fiberglass and steel doors installed properly will give a much better seal.


Change of Temperatures in the Fall


With the transitioning of temperatures during the fall season, it can present more problems that your door must be able to endure. For example, if rainfall occurs and there’s moisture present and overnight the temperature takes a significant dip, that moisture that’s present on your door can freeze, which can cause areas of the door to expand and buckle. This combination can wreak havoc on a wooden door that can’t handle the weather.


Cold Drafts in the Winter


In any temperate climate, when the winter arrives, that sharp cold air requires your HVAC unit to keep your home comfortable and warm. But when your door is old, weathered and worn, wintery drafts can easily find a way inside. The amount of heat loss through your front door is significant and can end up costing you much more than replacement.


Upgrade to Steel or Fiberglass Door


In light of all of the conditions that exterior doors must endure, more and more people are choosing to upgrade their doors to steel or fiberglass. Having a quality exterior door should not only be able to keep you and your family safe, but it should also be able to endure intense weather. And both homeowners and commercial property owners seeking good value and quality will typically turn to either fiberglass or steel.

Both of these materials provide significant benefits over standard wooden doors.  Unlike wood, fiberglass and steel doors won’t warp, split or crack. Whether it’s excessive moisture in the spring, blazing heat in the summer, gusty winds in the fall, or even icy cold temperatures in winter, they can handle the weather.


Additionally, both of these materials are low maintenance and energy efficient, so you won’t have to worry about having a spike in your utility bills during the extreme cold or hot temperatures. And with the advancements in design today, either material is available in a variety of styles that can even mimic the grain and textures of wood.


If you’ve been struggling to keep your internal temperature comfortable and have to face expensive bills each month, consider how much an upgrade can benefit you. At Eco Choice Windows & Doors, we understand everything there is about doors and windows. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in selecting the right doors or windows the will suit your needs best. Contact us today with any inquiries you may have.