Canada Greener Homes Grant: The NEW Home Retrofit Program

The good news is tackling climate change begins with all of us actively participating in living in a house that’s good for you and the planet. Take a hard look at your kitchen’s appliances, it’s simple to see which appliances use the most energy and which can be replaced. Devise your mindset, change your strategy towards energy waste consumption and shift towards more eco-friendly home appliances.

That’s where the government of Canada has stepped in and announced grants of up to $5,000. Opt for Eco Choice energy-efficient doors and windows which are qualifiable for the grants. The Greener Homes incentive is for building energy-efficient home retrofits also known as eco-friendly home renovations.

Want to Know If You’re Eligible?

The determining factor of whether you’re eligible to participate is whether or not you are residing at a place that is owned by you. Only 1 primary homeowner residence can be eligible for an EnerGuide home evaluation. It can be from one of the following properties:

  • Single and semi-detached houses
  • Town Houses
  • Row Housing
  • Cottages (Summer, Winter, All Year)
  • Permanent Foundation Moving Homes
  • Permanent Moored Floating Homes
  • Residential Buildings (3 Storeys or less) 600m2 or less
  • Multi-unit property buildings (over 3 stories) over 600 m2

Financial grants under the retrofit Greener Homes program are meant to assist with windows and insulation costs, heating and cooling systems renovations, and choosing the right renewable energy measures.

Let’s Get Started with your Window and Door Upgrades

STEP 1: Get an EnerGuide energy-efficient home evaluation before the retrofit. Home evaluations are purposely designed to help homeowners with making energy-efficient planned upgrades to understand the performance of their homes following the retrofits. If you decide to follow through with the cost of the pre-and post-retrofit evaluations, you may receive a maximum of $600. Start this step immediately by scheduling an appointment with a licensed energy advisor registered with NRCan in your area.

STEP 2: Capture the moments and always keep your receipts close. If any invoices are conducted during the evaluation period, you should have documentation throughout the process. The energy advisor may take before and after images of your retrofit work however as the homeowner – it may be important to gather your copy.

STEP 3: Be aware of the retrofit evaluation process as post-completion it is your responsibility as the homeowner to assess the work that has been completed in the home renovation. Post retrofit evaluation should present the difference in upgrading to home energy performance. To complete the retrofit journey.

Once the entirety of the process is completed. You could be eligible for the retrofit total reimbursement of up to $5,000. Eco Choice Windows and doors and doors would make your upgrades eligible for the grant. You are in charge of doing more than one of the retrofits that are listed, but maximum reimbursement cannot exceed the limit total.

Resilient Home Upgrades

The eligible retrofit criteria are listed below:

  • Home Insulation (Up to $5,000): This includes attic, exterior wall space, exposed flooring, basement and crawlspace
  • Air Sealing (Up to $1,000): Lock in the air-tightness of your home to reach the air-change rate target
  • Windows and Doors (Up to $5,000): Replace windows and door
  • Thermostats (Up to $50): Place a SMART thermostat to increase your comfort levels in your home and save costs on your future energy bills
  • Heating (Up to $5,000): Switch to energy-saving heating equipment to help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Renewable Energy (Up to $5,000): Photovoltaic solar panels to switch sunlight energy to electricity.
  • Resiliency Protection (Up to $2,625): Guard your home against environmental damages (must be joined with another retrofit upgrade)

Greener Homes Retrofit Program: Costs

Take a look at the clear overview of the timeline of the steps above. It might be more helpful to gather information on the cost during the retrofit evaluation. This is a home investment that impacts the world, making a difference with one ecological footprint at a time.
At this time the Canadian government has offered a low-cost loan program, offering grants to help with the home renovation projects. The purpose of the loan program is to offer Canadians an affordable opportunity to redesign their home to their liking and make larger home energy retrofits.

How Eco Choice Windows Can Help

The technology that is being used in developing energy-efficient products, such as windows and doors are all certified in Energy Star High Efficiency. Feel free to contact us for more information about the Greener Homes Retrofit program including eligibility criteria inquiry.

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