Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

Choosing the right replacement windows

Homeowners today don’t just want any replacement windows for their home. They want it all – high performance, energy efficient, beautiful windows. With Eco Choice Windows & Doors, it’s finally possible to have it all. If you’re in the market for replacement windows for your home, how can you narrow down the selection? With the wide range of products available today, here are some key elements to consider to help you select the right replacement windows for your home.


Choosing the Right Functionality


Before you begin thinking about the aesthetics and curb appeal from the windows you select, it’s important to first consider the functionality of the designs. The location and purpose of the window will help you narrow down your choice:


  • Want to add natural light to your living room? A feature bow or bay window would be a good fit.
  • Looking for a modern, easy to clean window? Casement windows are widely regarded for their energy efficiency.
  • Want to enhance your front entry way with accent windows around the entrance door? We offer over 20 shaped window
  • Looking to keep the budget in check? Single slider windows are modern looking and highly secure without breaking the bank.
  • Does the window need to open? Picture windows have endless aesthetic appeal and are most energy efficient because they do not open.


Once you evaluate the needed function for each window, you can start narrowing down the selection to best fulfill that purpose.


Choosing the Right Material


The material is also very important, especially considering the climate you live in and how certain materials may react to the weather. But there’s also your budget to consider and of course, style.


Wood Frames


Wood is a traditional frame material. Though it is beautiful, it is quite expensive and requires more maintenance than other materials. Wood is at risk of warping, bowing, bending, and rotting, and it is susceptible to termites and carpenter ants.


Vinyl Frames


Vinyl is now the most popular window material, and for good reasons. It has exceptional insulation properties and is virtually maintenance free. Vinyl has a versatile appearance and is available in a wide range of colours, finishes, and grains.


Hybrid Frames


Hybrid window systems feature aluminum cladding on the exterior and PVC components on the interior. Choosing a hybrid frame gives homeowners the superior thermal insulation of vinyl with the durability of aluminum.


Each material has its advantages; it’s all a matter of your taste and price range. Most homeowners choose vinyl windows for the best balance of energy efficiency, durability, and appeal. Talk to your Eco Choice Windows & Doors representative to evaluate the options and select the right replacement window for your needs.


Choosing the Right Design


Windows are a very focal feature of a house, so it’s important when choosing what design you wish to go with. Wall-to-ceiling windows are becoming increasingly popular for opening up even the tightest spaces and letting in that abundance of natural light. Arched designs and bay windows are a popular choice as well for creating a more unique design throughout the home.


When you choose Eco Choice Windows & Doors, you can customize every last detail of your window. Perhaps you already have a window in mind, or you’d like one of our in-house design experts walk you through the options and provide inspiration.


Here’s a quick peek at your customization options:


  • Colour – choose from our wide selection of standard window colours, or choose a colour custom-matched to fit your existing décor. We use a proprietary colour bond system to adhere the paint to the frame, ensuring a durable, car-like finish.
  • Exterior Finish – we believe the details matter. You can customize every last detail of the exterior finish, with brickmould trims from 100% vinyl because you’d expect no less.
  • Interior Finishes – We offer both vinyl and wood interior trim and finishes to enhance or match your existing décor. We supply Sunrise® windows that give the warm of a wood finish with the ease of vinyl material. From Brazilian Pecan to Golden Oak, the choice is yours.
  • Grill Styles and Colours – Colonial, Georgian, or Prairie? No matter your style preference, we can design and install.
  • Simulated Divided Lites – Do you love the traditional charm of divided lites? Get the same beauty with modern engineering thanks to vinyl mullion bars that replicate the traditional style of TDLs.
  • Privacy Glass – Whether privacy is a concern or you simply want to add unique style to your windows, custom glass is best.


We want you to be happy with your windows, which is why we’re on your side to help you custom-design beautiful vinyl windows. When it’s time to order replacement windows, don’t settle for anything less than the best. At Eco Choice Windows & Doors, quality is always our top priority. It starts with quality products and quality installation, and continues with quality customer service throughout the years.


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