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July 24th, 2017 by Eco Choice

Choosing the Right Window for Your New Home


Choosing-the-Right-Window-for-Your-New-HomeFor many homeowners, choosing the right type of windows for your new home can be challenging. You need to consider the style and aesthetics to match the architecture of your home, along with the features that are necessary for your location, lifestyle, and climate. If you’re stuck with choosing the right window for your new home, here are a few of the popular selections among homeowners and how they might benefit your home.


Casement Windows


Casement windows are a popular choice among homeowners due to the ease of opening and closing on a 90-degree angle. Casement windows are made from vinyl, which makes them weather-tight with high thermal performance so there’s no need to worry about drafts getting inside. With a hinge placed on one side, these windows open in a similar fashion as a door and provide excellent ventilation.


Awning Windows


This versatile window design is easy to maintain and it takes no effort to open and close. This design opens from the bottom outward, which allows maximum airflow inside and helps keep any rain outside. These windows are a great fit in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.


Double Slider Windows


These double sliders do exactly that – they slide in from both sides to open. They can also tilt to provide more air flow, and are a great choice that will blend well with other windows. These are easy to clean and are Energy Star® certified in recognition of their exceptional energy performance in independent laboratory testing.


Picture Windows


Looking for the picture-perfect window? This style window is for those who aren’t interested in opening or closing the window. These are great for locations that ventilation won’t be necessary. Picture windows provide ample light and are an excellent choice if you’re eager to improve your energy consumption since they have the highest energy-efficiency rating.


Single Hung Windows


Single hung designs incorporate a sash, which refers to the bottom panel of the window that moves up and down vertically or side to side, in addition to a stationary panel. This design has become a popular choice among new homes today, and it’s what many homeowners prefer when taking on a renovation since they are simple and well priced. Iff you’re in search of a simple replacement window that economical and energy efficient, this is a great option to consider.


Double Hung Windows


Similar to the single hung design, double hung windows have two panels that will open and close vertically with a tilt. This gives you more ventilation and is a perfect choice for areas like the patio or veranda.


Shaped Windows


Shaped windows provide some extra flair over your standard window design. And with over 20 different varieties of shaped windows offered by Eco Choice Windows & Doors, we’re sure that you’ll find one that you love. From arching curves to rectangular – these window designs can add that architectural style of your home.


Bay Windows


Bay windows exude luxury and add so much character to a home. Plus, they can increase the space of the room. With a bay window, you can get creative and add seating beneath it to lounge on, or simply leave it be to let in all of that natural light. These windows are usually designed with fixed panes in the center and operable panes that can be opened on either side. These also come with an Energy Star stamp of approval for energy efficiency.


European Tilt and Turn Windows


Nothing beats a little European charm, and with these unique tilt and turn window designs, you can add that special touch to your home. These windows swing inward when opened in the turn position. You can also open the bottom inward at the top to create excellent ventilation. So if you have egress window requirements, these are the perfect choice.


In addition to optimal airflow, these windows provide enhanced security for your home since there’s virtually no way to enter from them. And with fully lockable handles and specialty glass, you can rest easy. They also provide optimal sound insulation and an air-tight seal for noise reduction and energy efficiency.


Selecting windows for a new home, or even replacement ones for a renovation project can seem tedious and frustrating. But if you’re struggling with the window selection for your new home, we’re here to help! Eco Choice provides anything and everything you need in relation to windows and doors. We pride ourselves on superior products, quality installation, and customer service that is second to none. From that first initial meeting where we discuss design through to installation and years down the road if you need any help or have any questions, we’re by your side all the way. Contact us today for GTA window replacement! Our expert staff can help you make this process a breeze.

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