Choosing The Right Bathroom Window Option

Windows in a bathroom have a specific design and function. They need to provide light into a cramped room without sacrificing your personal space. 

The kind of bathroom windows most suited to your house will depend on a number of things. The primary deciding factors will be the size of your bathroom, the number of windows you can have, the orientation of your bathroom walls (which will affect the amount of natural light and wind that enters your bathroom), your personal tastes, and the décor you intend to have.

Learn how to combine privacy and design for maximum benefit below.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Bathroom Windows

At the very least, your bathroom should have a window that opens. This is an absolutely necessary condition. Additionally, they allow natural light to enter the room and provide necessary ventilation. 

If you’re the kind to use multiple appliances in the bathroom, installing windows is a terrific way to reduce the heat produced by these machines. Humidity levels in the bathroom may rise due to the generation of heat by this equipment.

The use of multiple cosmetic items simultaneously results in a buildup of odors that can be eradicated only by a blast of clean air. The perfumes may be nice at first, but the air molecules will lose their scent with time. For this reason, having windows in the bathroom is crucial.

Install Double Hung Windows Or Casement Windows

Double-hung or casement windows may be your only option if your bathroom is particularly spacious or if you require a lot of fresh airflows. Ventilation is required not only to remove the humidity and steam from a hot shower.

Frost-Spray Your Windows

Creating a private space may be done quickly and cheaply with some painter’s tape and frosted glass spray paint. Not only will it add more security to your space, but it will also add to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Use Vinyl Static Film

Spending a little more on vinyl cling film to install on your bathroom windows is a better long-term solution. The price ranges from $14-$30 for a 17-by-78-inch piece on Amazon, depending on the size of the window.

Combine Different Windows

Window types include casement and awning. Picture windows and awning windows, or casement windows and unusually shaped windows, are all possible combinations. A couple of them, or only one, might be opened to let in natural light. It would be to everyone’s benefit if both were implemented.

Many different types of glass mean that when these windows are closed, you won’t have to worry about anyone being able to see inside. There are numerous types of decorative glass and window coverings available.

If you have the room, you can even mix and match different types of windows including double hung, casement, awning, and picture windows. It is also possible to install a combination bow and bay window on a large wall.

Hang Thrifted Art Around Your Bathroom

It’s a common practice to display artwork in a bathroom, so why not use it to disguise a window? A little piece could be placed over the lower glass of a high, small window. Go to a secondhand shop in search of a bargain if you must spend money.

Go for Windows That Open on Both Sides

Choose a model that lets you open the windows on both walls if your bathroom has two such walls. Having a single window that blows air in only one direction is not nearly as effective as having multiple windows that each vent air in opposite directions.

If you don’t have this option, or if you can’t put windows on opposing walls, put them on walls that are adjacent to one other. The two windows can be somewhat close together, but placing them side by side is not ideal because it prevents air from moving in both directions. Even if they’re not directly across from one another, they have to be facing each other.

Choose Insulated Bathroom Windows

Your bathroom windows should be insulated in the same way as the rest of your home’s windows. Maintaining low energy consumption is essential. Make sure that the insulation in your bathroom is not compromised by the type of windows you choose or the combination that best meets your needs and tastes.

Install Inexpensive Bathroom Window Curtains

A bathroom window can be covered while yet allowing in light by using a cafe-style curtain. These shower drapes are made from a special material that effectively repels water, making them ideal for use in bathrooms and other damp areas.

For a more complete closure, the bottom of a larger window should be covered with thicker drapery panels. Unless you have a very small window and can get away with a tension or cafe rod, this project will cost you more than $25. Using kitchen towels as curtain panels is yet another inexpensive alternative.

Go for Small Faux Wood Shutters

This is a fantastic modification for the bathroom’s modest windows. These are widely available at hardware and home improvement retailers like Lowe’s. You may get paintable wooden replacements for standard-sized windows at many hardware stores or online at Eco Choice Windows.

Hang a Mirror Over the Window

Put a big mirror in front of your bathroom window to obscure the outside world. There’s no need to install it over the sink for it to be functional. For example, you can use it as a fantastic vanity mirror.

Hang a Bamboo Shade In Your Bathroom

Bamboo shades are a terrific choice for those who value discretion without sacrificing natural light. Bamboo is also fairly resistant to damp conditions. Eco Choice Windows and other home decor retailers provide a wide variety of alternatives for less than $50.

Install Privacy Window Inserts

Eco Choice Windows is an insert manufacturer whose products can be used in many different types of windows. Compared to the cost of a new window, this solution is significantly more cost-effective. In addition to the clear version, they also come in frosted, which may be simply fitted by any homeowner.


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