Consider Tilt and Slide Doors for Your Patio

Now that summer is finally here; many homeowners are starting to compile their annual list of home maintenance and repair tasks. Preserving and adding to the value of your home means staying on top of the little things that can become a real headache if ignored for too long. Window replacement is often near the top of the list for those looking to sell or who are just tired of living with drafts, windows that won’t open properly, and elevated power bills. But what about your doors?


Traditional sliding doors all do one simple thing. They slide. Ventilating a room involves leaving the door open, which seems like a good idea until a guest walks through the screen, the cat starts to use it as a scratching point, or your toddler finds an easy escape route. Many people feel exposed by leaving the patio door wide open and depriving themselves of a cool cross-breeze in the heat of summer. Now, there’s a great alternative to sweating it out.


How Does a Tilt and Slide Door Work?

Imagine a glass door leading onto your patio, framed by another panel of glass. By turning the handle all the way, the door comes away from the frame and slides across the adjacent glass panel. Great, you have got a sliding door that probably looks a lot nicer than the one you are currently using but doesn’t fix any of the issues you have had with your traditional model. Now close the door and turn the handle only part of the way. The door tilts inward from the top of the frame, giving you a wide opening for ventilation without the loss of security.


By installing two doors, you have the flexibility of opening both all the way for unimpeded access to your deck or patio, narrowing the opening by only sliding only one across, or tilting them both for stress-free ventilation.

Secure Energy Efficiency

Tilt and Slide doors are framed with reinforced steel and have a multi-point locking system that keeps them secure, whether they are fully closed or tilted open at the top. That means you can continue to enjoy cross-ventilation if you are out of the house, as you would when leaving a window partially open to catch the breeze.


The glazing on these laminated doors is extremely durable and will bring down the cost of both heating and cooling your home. No more drafts or paying to heat your backyard. They are also easy to adjust, ensuring that they will continue to glide perfectly for many years to come.

Enjoy the View

You will have an unobstructed view of your deck, porch, or patio if you can tear your eyes away from the doors themselves. The frames can be customized to complement your interior décor, with a second finish on the outside to blend with the color of your siding, wood, or brick. They are wonderful to look at in addition to being practical, safe and cost-effective.


If it’s time for a change, consider replacing your sliding dinosaur with cutting-edge European Tilt and Slide doors. It’s a great time of the year to book an installation because you will be able to enjoy a full summer of fresh breezes before your new doors keep out the winter cold.