Customize your steel entry doors

Your entry door is an investment – why not customize it? Read on to find out how you can customize your steel entry door.


There are many benefits to choosing a custom steel entry door – you can express your personal style and a quality steel entry door will be energy efficient, it will improve safety and be low-maintenance. If you are looking for the perfect steel entry door for your home, Eco Choice Windows & Doors is the provider for you. We a have a variety of modern and traditional door designs that can be personalized to match your home exterior.


Keep reading to find out how you can customize your steel entry door.

Get a custom steel entry door that fits your personality

Steel is an exceptional material to choose for a custom entry door. Steel doors are available in a variety of textures, colour options, and hardware finishes. Steel doors can be made with or without glass inserts, side lights and grill inserts. Doors can be personalized to your exact requirements so speak to a representative and take your time to configure yours.


Paint your front door to match the exterior or stand out with a bold colour. We offer a wide range of standard colour options and custom colour options. Paints resist fade and chipping, requiring little to no maintenance season to season. If you need a touch-up, we are just a phone call away.

Glass and grill inserts

We offer a variety of glass and grill inserts to customize the appearance of your door. Choose from clear glass or privacy glass, colored grills and mini-blinds. Glass elements in doors are energy efficient too. Made of state-of-the-art technology, glass inserts offer excellent thermal performance.

Glass frame profile

Glass frame inserts can transform the appearance of the door. We offer stylish options including the Prestige glass frame profile and Contemporary glass frame profile. Both add a unique visual touch and make the door feel even more premium. Our profiles can be used to complement modern as well as traditional house styles.

Hardware and fittings

Choose from traditional and modern door handles to give the perfect finishing touch to the door. Our door fittings are high-quality and affordable. They add to the sense of security provided by a steel door. Door hardware is available in a range of colors and handles styles.

Choosing Eco Choice for your custom entry door

Customer service is of top priority for us and we are committed to ensuring a flawless purchase and installation experience. Book an online appointment today and spend time fine-tuning your ideal door from the comfort of your own home.