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Toronto Novatech High-Performance System Doors

With superior insulation, enhanced security and lasting comfort, the Novatech High-Performance system is one the best-in-class steel doors for your home renovation. This is a result of long-term research in developing the perfect steel door that minimizes air infiltration and provides exceptional comfort and durability for years and years.

Installation and Replacement Novatech High-Performance System Doors

Eco Choice Windows & Doors provides the installation and replacement of Novatech High-Performance System doors for your home.

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As Seen on HGTV Canada's Backyard Builds

Made for the extreme Canadian weather, Novatech High Performance is a technically researched product that combines robust designs with the demand for environmentally-friendly products. Its extreme durability, high-energy efficiency and ease of use make it one of the best steel doors in the market.

Novatech Entry Doors
30% more steel/Structural Integrity: Steel doors are made to resist and endure. Novatech High-Performance doors featuring 30% more steel are renowned for their structural integrity.
Weatherproof: Novatech High Performance comes with a weatherstrip compressed against the frame and surrounding the entire door.
Double Protection: To reinforce its insulating properties, Novatech High Performance is fitted with additional airtight seals that minimize moisture infiltration.
Glass-inserts: Compared to standard one-inch windows, Novatech provides 30% additional insulation.
Energy Star Rated: Novatech High Performance meets the new 2020 ENERGY STAR standards and offers enhanced indoor comfort.
Easy Installation: Impressive wind resistance makes the Novatech High-Performance system perfect for condos with balconies and patios.

Strong As Steel

Doors need to hold up to whatever life throws at them. We’ve made the High-Performance door thicker, sturdier, and more resistant than standard products. The 2 ¼-inch thick slab features 30% more steel and PVC-clad wooden stiles that double its structural integrity, ensuring a tougher door that holds its shape even in the extreme cold. NHP’s exceptional structural performance is achieved without using multipoint hardware.

Novatech NHP

Airtight Seal for Greater Comfort

Comfort is about controlling air infiltration into your home. Stopping leaks from coming through the door can go a long way to keeping temperature and humidity levels stable. A weatherstrip surrounds the entire door in an unbroken loop. When compressed against the frame, the weatherstrip prevents virtually all air infiltration.

Novatech NHP Door

Dual protection from water and air infiltration

Along with its unique airtight seal, the High-Performance system is equipped with a second industry-tried-and-tested weatherstrip. The two seals work together to add an additional layer of protection, withstanding up to 540 Pa of pressure in water infiltration tests.

Novatech NHP

Durable weatherproofing

The anodized aluminum-clad sweep is exceptionally durable and elegant. Its design is even more remarkable since it is paired with a very low, ½-inch threshold — one of the lowest on the market for a steel door offering such exceptional performance. This feature makes it easier for everyone to get around, especially those with reduced mobility.

Novatech NHP Durability

Door Glass Options

Double or Triple pane glass options

NHP Door Glass


At Eco Choice we believe that security should come before all else when designing your dream home. That’s why we offer the Multi Point Locking Systems from Ferco.

Multi Point Locking System

Multi point locks not only offer greater security but also provide extra structural support to your door. A solid, one piece I-beam runs the full length of the lock, as soon as the door pulled shut, the Automatic latch bolts instantly throw 20mm and are secured to prevent them being forced back. By turning the key or the knob, it will engage the deadbolt and lock the top and bottom latch bolts to become a 3 deadbolts locking system.

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