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February 20th, 2017 by Eco Choice

Why Everyone is Talking About Tilt & Turn Windows

Why everyone is talking about tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows, which were first adopted in Germany, have made their way to North America. This innovative window system is becoming the replacement window of choice for many homeowners looking for an upgrade in beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency. These windows open in two ways directions, depending on the position of the handle, and can provide numerous advantages beyond conventional windows. Here are a few reasons why everyone is talking about tilt and turn windows!


How Does a Tilt and Turn Window Work?

Tilt and turn windows have two separate functions determined by the position of the handle. With the handle in the horizontal position, the window’s sash can be swung open up to 180 degrees to provide exceptional airflow to the room. This functionality also makes cleaning a breeze. With the handle in the upward vertical position, the window’s sash can be tilted inward to add ventilation to the room. To securely lock the sash in place, simply return the handle to the downward vertical position. No other window on the market offers this degree of control and versatility.


Aesthetically Pleasing

With tilt and turn windows, you can have a much larger uninterrupted glass window, which means you can take advantage of more scenic viewing space and natural light. As you can open the window in two ways, this allows you to control the amount of ventilation and fresh air into the space. The natural light and ventilation capabilities promote health and well-being, and increase the overall appearance and comfort of the space.

These windows also come in a variety of customizable features to suit any style and decorative expectations. Tilt and turn windows are available in more than 40 colour options, including embossed wood grain, metallic brushed surfaces, or smooth plain colours. For hardware, you have a choice between white PVC, champagne, or titanium to match or enhance your existing décor.


Increased Safety

Tilt and turn windows can also help keep your family safe. Equipped with multi-point locking mechanisms, fully lockable handles, heavy-duty hinging mechanisms, and specialty glass, the windows provide an extra layer of security and safety to your home. With the window open at the top for ventilation, you get to enjoy fresh air flow without worrying about the safety of children or pets.

Tilt and turn windows can open all the way vertically, satisfying emergency egress requirements and making it a quick exit in a fire or other emergency. Tilt and turn windows have a superior frame load capacity than traditional sliding windows found in the North American market.


Energy Efficiency

Another added bonus is the increased energy efficiency with two-stage and three-stage sealing systems that ensure an airtight seal around the window. The seal ensures you will receive the benefit of reduced heating and cooling costs, and overall improvements to the energy efficiency of your home. When you save up to 40% on energy costs, these windows practically pay for themselves!


Noise Reduction

Sometimes it’s nice to open the window to the world outside. That gentle spring breeze, the soothing sounds of nature, and the rhythmic ambiance of city living. Other times, you want to shut the whole world off. High-quality tilt and turn windows reduce noise levels up to 45dB, ensuring you only hear what you want to hear when the windows are closed. Special active insulating glazing provides sound insulation like no other replacement window.



When looking for low maintenance windows, look no further than these. Cleaning becomes as simple as pivoting the window all the way horizontally and cleaning both sides from the same position. No more ladders or having to get outside to clean them. The windows are also incredibly durable and include thermal resistance, wind loading and water penetration, all things to ensure you will have a long-lasting product on your hands.


Choose Your Model

Eco Choice Windows and Doors is proud to supply three different European tilt and turn window systems. InnoNova 70 features a lean profile (just 70 mm deep) with a large glass surface. Best of all, this window system is Energy Star® certified for its exceptional thermal insulation values. AluClip is a hybrid window system, with aluminum cladding on the exterior and PVC-U components on the interior to maximize thermal insulation. Finally, we have Trocal 88+, it has a building depth of 88 mm, slender sight lines, and is also Energy Star® certified. Book your consultation to discuss which replacement window is the right solution for your home.


With increased ventilation control, improved energy efficiency, and added beauty, European tilt and turn windows have people talking. To learn more, book your consultation today or request a quote! We supply and install European tilt and turn windows through the GTA and the surrounding area, including Kitchener, Guelph, and Waterloo.

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