Fibreglass VS Steel Door: What is a Better Entry Door Option?

The entry door sets the first impression for any household. That’s why enhancing security and accessibility are not enough. Entry doors need to be stylish as well as functional to meet the needs of modern homeowners. As it is expected to be operational for a long time, homeowners usually desire several added features from their entry doors. Added features such as energy efficiency, added security, etc. vary according to the material of the door.

Although wood has been the material of choice in the past, it is steel and fibreglass doors that are ruling the market today. Thus, it is important for homeowners to know what they can expect from steel and fiberglass front entry doors respectively. 

1. Visual Appearance

Fibreglass doors can resemble real wood. They are available in several wood grain textures as well as several colors and styles. One of the best features of fibreglass doors is that they can be given custom paint jobs to reflect individual tastes and preferences. 

Steel doors generally offer fewer visual options for homeowners to choose from.  Thankfully, Eco Choice’s steel entry doors are available in a variety of designs and colors that can be custom matched to your home. 

2. Durability

Both fibreglass and steel offer more strength and endurance than wood. Fibreglass does not shrink or warp and is not susceptible to damage from moisture. This makes them extremely long-lasting. 

Steel doors are renowned for their endurance. Steel does not crack, warp or bend. Steel doors may bend but will not break down. Steel doors are prone to rust over time.

3. Energy Efficiency

Fibreglass doors are specifically designed to limit thermal transfer and reduce heat loss. The material does not let the outside temperatures influence indoor comfort. This helps control and reduce energy bills.

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4. Security

Fibreglass is a strong material that does not easily bend or break. It can offer long-term protection without requiring regular maintenance and upkeep. The surface does not dent when struck making it very rigid and reliable.

Steel doors offer maximum security. Being hard and heavy, steel is extremely tough to dent and bend, and almost impossible to break. The solid core makes steel doors one of the safest options for households.

5. Affordability 

Fibreglass front entry doors cost almost as much as wood. Depending on the brand, style, quality, and other factors, the price can be higher than standard wooden or steel doors. But as fibreglass requires virtually no maintenance or repairs and can last for years, it is a wise long-term investment.

Steel doors are comparatively less costly than wood or fibreglass. They offer value for money and can last for years without needing repairs or replacements. Moreover, steel doors can recover much of their initial cost as a resale value which makes them all the more lucrative.

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