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July 10th, 2020 by Eco Choice

Find out why fibreglass doors are the best type of entry door

If you are looking for the appearance of wooden doors and the security afforded by steel doors, fibreglass may be just what you need. Even about 20 years ago fibreglass doors were a small part of the housing market in Canada but they are today one of the most common entry doors you will see. In fact, it probably isn’t much of a stretch to say fibreglass replacement doors in Toronto make up well over half of the entry door market.


So why is it fibreglass doors have become the choice for homeowners in Toronto and GTA? In this article we look at the advantages of choosing fibreglass entry doors.


Benefits of fibreglass doors

Here are some reasons why fibreglass makes for such high quality and affordable doors.


Durable – Fiberglass is resistant to major temperature changes, making it perfect for harsh Canadian winters and warm summers. Unlike steel it does not rust, bend or scratch easily; nor does it rot, crack or warp easily like wood.


Low maintenance – Excellent durability means little to no maintenance is required to keep the door looking and functioning properly.


Versatile – There is a much larger selection of styles, colors, sizes and glass inserts with fibreglass doors. Homeowners can even customize the shape of the door for unconventional frames.


Finishes – Fibreglass can be made to look like wood, down to the grain and color. Finishes are so lifelike that it is very difficult to distinguish a fibreglass door from wooden even from up close.


Energy efficient – Some of the most energy efficient doors are made of fibreglass. The material’s natural properties prevent heat transfer, improving heat retention during winter and cold air conditioned air during the summer. Doors with an insulating core are one of the most energy efficient on the market.


Security – Nothing beats steel for the most secure entry doors but they are often unnecessary for residential dwellings. Fibreglass offers excellent protection against impact and intrusion; high quality locks can make them more than secure enough for most homes in Canada.


Warranty – These doors are extremely long-lasting and are backed by lifetime warranties. This gives homeowners the peace of mind that their investment will perform faultlessly for many years.


How long do fiberglass doors last?

Fibreglass doors have remarkably long lives, lasting as long as the dwelling itself. Doors can last decades, resisting water intrusion warping and bending. This gives them excellent return on investment as the cost of the door is spread over many years. Lifetime warranties back the door’s long performance. Glass inserts and finishes should last 10 to 20 years and may have their own warranties.


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