Find the Perfect Color for Your Entry Doors

The color of the front doors can say a lot about a house. It says a lot about its occupants too. Even Hollywood has cashed in on the statement entry doors can make. Remember the blue door from Notting Hill (starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant)?

Color for Your Entry Doors

There is no reason why your entry door has to be the same color and style as every other door on your street. This article looks at how you can find the perfect color for your entry doors. Add a little style statement to your house with the perfect color.

Entry doors need to make an impact.

Front doors are the entry to your home. Just like the interiors reflect your style, your entry door should too. After all, it’s the first thing visitors will see. Eco Choice is your go-to for getting the right entry doors for your home with an extensive collection of door styles, finishes, and colors. Best of all, our professional installers will have the door installed perfectly.

Our doors are ‘green’ too. No, not the color (though they can be green). They are thermally efficient, making for a warmer and more comfortable home.

What color should my door be?

Colour is the simplest way of adding some… er, color to your front doors. Pick a shade that will be tasteful, stylish, and distinctive. Yellow, blue and red is great options. They tread the fine line between classy and tacky. Depending on your surroundings, a simple black or white door may be fitting too. After all, you don’t want to clutter your frontage with too many colors.

Set the right mood

The color of your door can have a profound impact on mood. Not just on others’, but your air too. A bright and bold color may seem exciting initially, but it can become grating to look at daily.

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Front doors that bring good fortune

Colors represent a great many things. Cultures around the world regard different colors for their auspiciousness. Some cultures view red as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune; others consider it a sign of masculinity. Of course, white is universally recognized as a symbol of peace and harmony. Why not add a spiritual and cultural twist with the color of your door?

Get the right personality for your home.

The color of your door will affect the personality of your home. A traditional Tudor or Victorian house with a white or black door will exude a classic and cossetting personality. On the other hand, bold architectural elements and contemporary glass facades need a little color. For instance, a yellow or red door can break the tension of Bauhaus architecture.

Reflecting your surroundings

Do you have a house overlooking the sea? Do you live in that part of the country covered in snow for the better part of the year? The location should factor in your coloring decision. A teal or cyan-colored door will reflect the mood if you are by a water body. Similarly, if your house is in an area with a lot of snowfall, consider a color that will stand out against the white.

Inspiration everywhere

Nature and your surroundings have a lot of inspiration to offer. Try and make sure your doors work in harmony with your surroundings. When you choose to replace doors with colored ones, think about how other elements can add to the ambiance. Plant flowers or shrubbery to get some contrast; a picket fence can make for an exciting aesthetic.

Once you know what color you want to replace doors with or find the perfect replacement windows, get in touch with Eco Choice. We offer a comprehensive selection of colors, finishes, and door styles. We can help you customize your door, place an order and have it installed conveniently. Call us to schedule a free in-home consultation with a member of our team.