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December 21st, 2018 by Alan

Four Window Ideas for Modern Living Rooms

When it comes to modern living rooms, windows are the key. The right window replacement style can add pleasing aesthetics to your home’s centerpiece, giving it an elegant yet warm and inviting look.

Along with imparting visual interest to your living room, choosing the apt window style also brings abundant natural light, cool breezes, and stunning sceneries.


To help make your home stand out, here’s a list of four living room window ideas to modernize your space.

Awning Windows

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A popular choice for many homes, the awning window affixes by a hinge in the window frame. They open out from the bottom and operate by a cranking mechanism. Very commonly used in bathrooms, the cranks make it easy to open and shut awning windows.



They are also typically used for rooms that require compartmentalization. For example, rather than choose a huge window spanning the whole room, several awning windows, which can be cranked open to allow a light breeze to flit through, may be preferable. This way, one can avoid having to choose between letting in too much ventilation or sunlight and none at all.


Awning windows are also a great choice for windows that need to be located at a height. The sleek design and ease of operation make them a great choice for a modern living room.


Casement Windows


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Casement windows are one of the most popular and suitable window replacements for contemporary living rooms.
Plain and neat in appearance, these windows are great to frame the outside view without compromising privacy and wall space.


In addition, they can maximize ventilation when left opened and maintain an airtight seal when closed.


You can either go for the moving casement windows or the fixed casement windows. Or, you can have a combination of them both! The moving casement windows can be swung opened entirely, providing full top to bottom ventilation. Fixed casement windows provide better security as they are fixed, closed and difficult to break into.


Bay Windows


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Nothing says elegance like the stylish bay windows.


Bay windows give your clean-lined, minimalist, modern living area a dimension of cozy and comfortable. The allow a stream of natural light into your living room, making them an excellent choice for living room window replacement.


They also make your room feel bigger and stand out. The extra space around the windows can also be utilized as an intimate space for relaxing on a sunny day or for evening time get-togethers.


Picture Windows



Picture replacement windows are an excellent way to add some character to your modern living room.


Extremely versatile, the picture windows give you the best of both the worlds — striking outdoor views along with an indoor living space bathed in natural light.


Homeowners can also utilize picture windows in conjunction with more types of replacement windows. Pair picture windows with a set of casement windows to maximize your outdoor view and increased air circulation for the room.


Once you’ve decided upon the best type of window for your living room, get in touch with a qualified window replacement contractor in Toronto to bring your modern living room ideas to life.

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