Problems Caused by Poor Window Installation! | Selecting the Right Way

When it comes to window replacement or window installation, you want the best fit in terms of aesthetics and energy efficiency. Adding new windows to your home can considerably reduce your heating/cooling costs while also helping increase the resale value of your home. However, window installation should only be done by trusted professionals and experts. Eco Choice Windows guarantees hassle-free installation and service without the problems that can accompany poor window installation.

Frequent problems caused by Poor Window Installation

Here are the list of problems caused by poor window installation. Window Installation and replacement is never a DIY project so it’s always recommended to be careful and reach out to professional for window installation and replacement.

1. Draft Problem

If you’re getting new windows installed to reduce the chilly winds that enter your home, the last thing you want is to still feel a draft after the project is complete. New windows should not let in drafts, breezes, or cold winds of any kind. Today’s windows are designed to reduce energy bills by resisting the effects of outside weather elements. If a window is not installed properly, unwanted drafts can come in, defeating the purpose of having an energy-efficient window. If you feel any breeze or draft coming in through the window, contact a professional.


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2. Caulking Issues

At Eco Choice, we always ensure our windows are installed properly. Our experts give proper time and attention to installing your windows, be it bay windows, picture windows, or casement windows. Our professionals patiently install each window to avoid problems such as poor caulking. Caulking is a sealant that helps windows retain their energy efficiency while maintaining a stunning, professional look. Caulking requires patience and is a tedious process that must be done right. Sloppy caulking would ruin the aesthetics of the windows and make them more prone to the elements. 

Always call the experts to avoid caulking issues!

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3. Water Damage

Water damage is the source of most problems windows face. From molds, mildews to warping and rotting. If a window is installed incorrectly, even a normal rainfall will affect the window’s quality. You will notice stains in and around the window surroundings caused due to water seepage. The wallpaper will begin to stain and paint will begin to chip and wear off due to the moisture. Call experts immediately if you notice these signs as water damage could eventually lead to structural failure of the window.

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4. Foggy Panes

If your windows are fogging up despite good weather, take it as a sign of a bad window installation job. Foggy windows are a sign that the seal inserted between panes (to keep the gas inside) has been compromised. Due to this the energy efficiency of the windows will go down. Foggy windows are a sure sign of a bad installation and you should contact professionals to take a look at them to fix the damage.

5. Gaps in the Windows

If you find gaps between the frame and windowsill, you’ll know the window installation has been done improperly. It often results in hasty work when technicians do not take time to take proper measurements of the windows before installing them. Always hire a trusted window installer such as Eco Choice where the work offered is top class by our trained technicians and professionals.

Selecting the Right Window Installation

Just like it is important to lay a strong foundation before constructing any building or structure, it is essential to select and get the right installation when you are replacing your windows. People usually opt for new windows to improve the aesthetics of the home, increase energy savings, reduce drafts, or due to any other damage to the window.

A suitable window installation is essential for not only a properly functioning and long-lasting window, but also to reap the full benefits of the energy-efficiency features. A good window installation would fix any structural issue in the wall. It is best to learn about window installation before you explore or choose a window type for yourself.

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Window installation is often categorized as just new and replacement. And while there can be numerous further divisions, types, and variations, window installations can be classified into two broad categories: retrofit installation and full frame (also called brick-to-brick installation).


A retrofit installation is the most economical window installation. In this method, new windows are installed into the existing window frames. The old frames are left in place and as an alternative to replacing the existing exterior brick mold; aluminum capping is used for the outer to cover the exterior of the window. This window installation is ideal when the old windows were installed properly and there is no damage to the old frame or wall. Your new window would have to be customized to fit in the existing space. Talk to our window experts to determine in Retrofit installation would be the best option for your window replacement project.

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Homeowners who are facing problems with their windows, such as decaying wood, high moisture, or cracks in the frame, should choose a full frame or brick-to-brick installation. In this process, every part of the window and frame is removed and a new set is installed. With your custom windows, you get an interior trim, new jamb extension and exterior brick molds. This type of installation is most recommended as it ensures proper insulation between the stud and the window frames.


Retrofit installation is often considered a cosmetic fix, which doesn’t let you explore or fix the underlying issues that may have been caused by faults or wear and tear. Also, fitting a new window into an old frame can mean less glass surface area, which restricts the natural light and view you would get.

The age and condition of the home also directly affects the requirement of window installation. If it is a historic building or constructed in an elaborate style, installing a new frame could damage the interior window trim and hence, the look of the home. However, if the structure is not in prime condition due to poorly installed or damaged windows, a full frame installation would be necessary to get rid of water damage or rot.

If the condition of your home does not require a specific treatment, selecting the installation type purely depends on your choice! Still have doubts? Contact our window experts to fully understand what would work your windows and how the choice of window installation will affect the cost.

Messy window installation will not only cause operational failures and negatively impact the aesthetics of the home, it will also cost a lot more to fix the damages caused by improper windows. Always trust Eco Choice where we ensure to give every client our time and patience for exceptional service and installation. 

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