Garden Door vs Patio Door: What’s Best For You

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There are many decisions to be made when you are renovating your house or building a new one. Choosing the right doors and windows, among other furnishings and fixtures, is very important for not only the look of the home but also because of their functionality. As with everything, there are multiple choices available for each of your needs. When it comes to back doors, two of the most popular options are garden door and patio door.

What is a Garden Door and a Patio Door?

Both garden and patio doors are openings in the wall that give access from the inside of the house to the outdoors – be it your garden or backyard. So, though the primary function of both the doors is the same, they have their own unique features.

How are Garden and Patio Doors Different?

The main difference between garden and patio doors is in their hinges! A patio door uses the sliding mechanism while a garden door is screwed in at one side. While a patio door slides open and close on its track, connecting your home to the outdoor space, a garden door swings wide open to provide access. Therefore they are also identified as ‘sliding patio door’ and ‘swinging garden door’, respectively.

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Patio Vs Garden Doors: What’s Best For You

Garden doors give a more traditional, unique look to your house while patio doors are believed to be a more modern element – mainly because of the type of material used (such as vinyl or Aluminum) and they take less space than garden doors. Read on to find out what suits your needs best.

  • One of the major factors in your decision could be the budget. Garden doors are usually more expensive than patio doors. The cost, of course, also depends on the kind of material, features, and customizations you opt for.
  • The materials used for patio doors are generally more lasting than most of the garden door varieties. Thus, patio doors last longer with low maintenance cost and effort.
  • Garden doors tend to be bigger than patio doors. They generally provide wider access to the outdoors (especially if you install double doors), making it a good choice if you often move furniture and other items in and out.
  • You need plenty of space inside and outside to open and close a garden door. Hence, a patio door is more suitable for compact spaces.
  • As the structure and frame of a patio door is basically like a very large window, it can also be customized to make your home more energy-efficient. Protective layering can be added to the glass to restrict the UV rays entering your space. In a garden door, though the glass can be customized to an extent, it is mostly made of wood or metal that lose heat faster than the materials used in a typical patio door.
  • The larger glass surface area in patio doors also lets in more natural light, which can be partially blocked by the frame, design and support structure of a garden door.
  • Both garden and patio doors can be enhanced with various security features, but you can find more secure options in patio doors. It is possible to easily add a security bar, dead-bolts, and various other kinds of locks to a sliding door. Though garden doors can be made more sturdy with customized glass or special glass coatings, it can be difficult and expensive to install multiple lock mechanisms.