How much do replacement windows cost?

Do you know how much replacement windows cost? Most people don’t know the true cost of window replacement. In fact, a lack of awareness is also what deters so many homeowners from replacing their windows.

This article is meant to be your ultimate guide to understanding how much your new windows should cost. For an exact and up-to-date price list, contact our sales team. We’ll schedule a free in-home consultation to understand your specifications and installation and provide you with a quote. It’s totally obligation-free, too, so there’s nothing holding you back.

There are many factors that will affect what your window replacement cost will be. There are variables for window prices by size, design, double- or triple-glazing, installation costs and more.

When to replace windows?

If you see rot, rust or water tracks running down from the jamb or casing, new windows are a no-brainer. If your window has a noticeable draft, is jammed or broken, window replacement is obvious. It’s when the problem isn’t as defined that you are in two minds. Are you facing something like this?

– Your double- and triple-glazed windows get extremely cold in winter

– There is a build-up of water and ice between the sashes (the part that opens) or in the channels

– The window frame has started to come loose, or the entire frame moves when you open or close the window

– The crank handle and mechanism are broken

– Hinges and sliders have lost their hold, and the window slides down or flaps in the wind

– Glass is chipped or cracked but not entirely broken

– Window lock doesn’t work anymore

– The window doesn’t leak, but it is jammed or very tough to open

If your windows are exhibiting any of these signs, it is time they are replaced. Choose not to, and you will very easily rack up huge heating bills and risk the safety of your home with a failed window. What’s worse, water seepage and excessive force to open the window will damage the surrounding wall too.

Factors affecting window replacement cost

Window replacement cost depends on two simple things: first, the cost of the window itself; second, the cost of installation. The cheapest options may not be the best options, and a new window may end up being not much more than a decorative element.

Type of installation

  • Retrofit – A retrofit means new windows will be installed into your existing frame. There will be no modification to the surrounding wall or brickwork.
  • Complete replacement – Full-frame window installation removes your existing windows completely. The jamb, the frame and even the surrounding studs are removed. New studs and frames will be installed to address any seepage and ensure a perfect installation.

Costs depend on window design

Window design is a broad subject. What is the opening style of your window? Its glass configuration and design will all affect the price?

  • Sliding window – Sliding windows come as single or double-hung sliders and are operated by hand. Sliders also don’t typically offer the highest levels of insulation due to their reliance on weather stripping to achieve the final seal.
  • Crank-style window – A crank-style window offers the best peak insulation you can get for a window that can be opened. Crank windows are operated by a crank handle, reducing the mechanical effort you must put in. Because they rely on a compression seal, crank-style windows are some of the most thermally efficient.
  • Double- or triple-glazing – A double-glazed window uses two panes of glass with a layer of insulating gas in between. This offers far superior insulation compared to a single pane of glass. With a triple-glazed window, two air chambers and three panes of glass provide even greater levels of insulation and sound dampening.
  • Low-E coatings – Low-emissivity coatings are an option you can spec for your window. These coatings help reduce heat loss from your home and reduce the number of UV rays that come in. These can be applied to the glass of most windows you choose.

Window prices by size

Prices will vary by size. Most Canadian homes follow a similar standard, size and shape of the window. Therefore, you should not face too large a fluctuation in window prices by size. However, if your window openings are large, the cost of replacement windows can increase. Speak to our experts to get an accurate understanding of your window replacement cost.

Do your windows need replacing?

‘Can’t I fix my windows?’ That’s a question we are asked very frequently. And we are all too happy to answer, ‘maybe’. Some issues, such as windows that get cold (no longer insulating) are a sign that the double-glazing has failed. The inert, insulating gas has escaped. Unfortunately, replacement is the best option.

If your windows are not too old and the problem is something that can be rectified by re-aligning the window or fixing the mechanical fixtures, then window repair is a possibility. Regardless, you should have a window repair professional assess your window.

Are replacement windows worth it?

New and modern windows are always worth it unless you got a new set only a few years ago. How much of a difference in efficiency there is between new windows and old windows must be felt to be understood. Our clients almost always tell us after getting new windows that they actually hear much less of their furnace in the winter and the air conditioner during summer. Why? Because the new windows are so much more insulating. In fact, if you are planning on selling your house, replacement window cost will be minute compared to the higher sale price you can command.

If you are looking to replace or repair your windows, get in touch with Eco Choice. We are the preferred window installers in Toronto. We have a large selection of window types and accessories for you to customize your windows. Our helpful staff will make sure you get exactly what you want.