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February 2nd, 2022 by Jonathan

How Often Do You Need To Replace Windows?

Replacing windows is a big decision. Not only does it affect the look of your home, but it also affects your energy efficiency and how comfortable you feel inside. So how often do you need to replace them? And what factors should you consider when making this decision?

Factors to Consider Before Replacing Windows

1. The Average Lifespan Of A Window

On average, correctly installed and properly used windows last about 20 years. This means they can even last longer if you take care and properly maintain them. Some critical factors in determining how long will your windows last include:

2. The quality of the window

Check those ratings; maybe those cheap aluminum windows you bought don’t have as high a rating as you would have thought.

3. The type of window

Is it a Vinyl window? Yes, they last for up to 30 years. Or, is it an aluminum/steel window with those awesome effects you were so sure about? These types of windows may only last 15 years without good maintenance.

4. The window style

Most double-hung last only about 15 years. Vinyl or steel slider windows last the longest, at about 25 years. But you have to look into the style (how often does sliding break down?) and what kind of weather they are exposed to, like rain or high winds.

5. The location of your windows

Windows that are constantly near water or exposed continuously to high winds or freezing temperatures will not last as long as windows that are put in a region with low humidity and little precipitation.

6. Proper installation of your windows

Though this is rare, sometimes incorrectly installed one might be responsible for damage to your windows and reduce their lifespan.

7. Maintenance of your windows

Do not fail to maintain your windows. Ensure they are always clean and free from scratches or watermarks. Cleaning and maintaining your windows properly help them last longer.

Quality of the Window

8. Proper use of your windows

If the windows are not used well, dust, dirt, debris, or anything else that could cause damage might enter through them. It is also important to never open your windows if you expect rain or high winds. When you do this, there is a chance for rainwater entering which may damage them.


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Signs It’s Time For Window Replacement

Even if your windows look beautiful, there may be a time when they need to be replaced. Not only does this give you new windows but it can keep your house or business safe from unexpected break-ins.

Window Replacement

Once you start noticing any of the below, further damage can happen quickly and lead to higher repair costs in the future. Therefore, it’s best to address these issues right away through a window replacement.

1. Your Windows Are Drafty

When your windows become drafty, the air seeps through cracks and causes any heat you have turned on to escape. This can increase your energy bill because once the cool air gets inside, it takes more time for your heating or cooling unit to regulate the temperature.

2. The Glazing Has Cracks In It

If you notice any cracks in your windows, it’s time to replace them as soon as possible. These can quickly grow and become a problem with additional heat loss or cold drafts. Even if the crack is only on the exterior, it may lead to future problems with rot and mold growing inside.

3. Your Windows Have Ice Dams On Them

An ice dam is when water gets underneath the window and then freezes to ice once it hits cold air outside. Once this happens, the ice moves to the top of the window and pokes out like a dam. The longer this goes on, the more damage will be as ceilings crack and grow mold within your home.

4. Your Window Cracks Easily

If you notice that your windows crack easily, there is a high possibility they will not be able to handle anything else happening to them. If one pane breaks, the unsafe glass may fall inside your home.

5. Your Window Panes Are Missing

This may be because someone decided to steal them or that they fell out due to rot or being old. If you notice your windowpane being gone or cracked, it’s time to have a professional come out and do some work on your home or business.

6. You Have To Clean Up Water Anytime It Rains

If you have to do a lot of cleaning up after it rains, there may be a problem with your window’s seal. The water may be coming through the wall or roof and seeping through the window.

7. You Can Hear The Wind Blow Anytime You’re Inside

If you can hear the wind blowing when you are inside your home or business, there may be a problem with how your windows were installed. The frame could cause water damage or a drafty atmosphere if not properly installed.

8. You Have Nasty Smells In Your Home

If you have a lot of smelly air coming into your home whenever it is very windy, this may be an issue with how your windows were installed. If water damage has happened to the frame, moisture will cause mold and mildew to build up and cause a nasty smell.


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Professional Window Replacement in Toronto


There are many reasons for needing to give your old windows the boot and get new ones. However, it’s always good to have windows checked by a professional before actually getting them replaced. There is no sense in spending money on new windows if the old ones are in perfect working order.


If you find that your current windows need to be replaced, you’ll need to know how often you need to have this done so as not to be caught off guard by an unexpected bill. Most experts agree this is best left every twenty years, but there are a few exceptions to the rule.


If you are in Toronto, ON, and a bit unsure about the status of your windows, we recommend you talk to our experts at Eco Choice Windows & Doors. We can help you decide what best fits your budget and needs by providing free estimates on window replacement. We’ll even send out one of our expert technicians free of charge to check on your windows! Call us!


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