How to Measure Your Windows

The investment put into vinyl window replacement allows homeowners to provide their families with comfort and energy efficiency inside their homes and to increase the value of their properties for potential buyers.

If you wish to replace your old windows with vinyl windows, there are five simple steps you can take in order to measure your windows.

The 5 Steps to Measure Windows

Windows typically last for a long time until there is a need for replacement; however, vinyl windows have a lifespan of more than 15 years, with little to no maintenance, which is very advantageous and cost-effective for homeowners in the long run.

Replacing old and malfunctioning windows with vinyl windows is a straightforward process that demands accuracy and attention to detail. If you wish to purchase and install vinyl windows in your home, here are the steps you should follow to measure windows for replacement:

Step 1: Get Your Tools

Gather the equipment necessary to measure your replacement windows. These tools include a measuring tape, a ladder, a pencil and paper. You will need to use the ladder to take measures in window frames you cannot reach and a pencil and paper to take notes and record measurements.

Step 2: Measure the Frame Lining Around the Window

Windows usually have an aluminum or plastic liner around them, and the industry standard is approximately ½ an inch which is crucial to have before replacing the windows.

Step 3: Measure the Window Width

First, place the measuring tape at the top of the window, then the middle and finally at the bottom, horizontally. Measuring three horizontal lines is important. Upon measuring these three lines, you can take notes on the entire frame of your replacement window.

Step 4: Measure the Window Height

Similarly to measuring the width, you should take three vertical window frame measurements – on the left side, the middle and the right side. With the help of the ladder, you can measure the replacement window frame from top to bottom. 

Step 5: Measure the Window Opening

The measurement of a replacement window’s opening depth is essential. Because window frames can be deep, it is necessary to measure the opening space around the window frame, from the outside to the inside, one edge to the other.

You must take this measurement at the shortest point of the window frame, and the smallest number should be your final dimension. By measuring the opening of a replacement window diagonally, from the top of the left side to the bottom right, you will be able to calculate the opening distance between the edges of your replacement window.

The Types of Replacement Windows Eco Choice Windows & Doors Offers

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