How to Take Care of Your Windows and Make Them Last


Windows do much more than provide your home with natural light and a view. They help protect it and insulate your home from the weather. But over the years, without preventative maintenance and care, they can begin to endure wear and tear and start to malfunction. By performing some regular maintenance, you can help improve the durability of your windows so that they can continue to serve you well for years to come. If you’ve just purchased new windows and want to make that investment well worth it, here’s how to take care of your windows and make them last.

Check Them on a Regular Basis

Like anything in your home, it’s always a good idea to take a good look at the windows every so often to monitor them for any signs of wear and tear or decay.  You should check that they are still well sealed, that the glass is in good condition with no signs of cracks or rot developing throughout the frame, and also ensure that the caulking isn’t worn away in any spots. If you do notice any indications of decay, it could mean that moisture is getting in somehow.

When moisture is present in either double or triple paned windows, it usually means that there’s damage to the seal.  If the sealing is defective in a window, it can reduce the insulation of your windows, causing the temperature in your home to be affected. By monitoring your windows, you can handle any of these minor issues before they progress.

Give Them a Steam Clean

Did you know that steam cleaning your windows is the best way to remove any of that built-up dirt and grime? Even when you give your windows a good scrubbing, stubborn grime can still be difficult to remove. And when it lingers on wooden window frames, over time it can cause them to rot. While vinyl replacement windows in Toronto don’t have the same vulnerabilities to bowing, warping, cracking, and rotting, you can still use your regular vacuum steam cleaner and easily lift away that dirt to stretch out the lifespan.

In addition to steam cleaning, this is a good time to also give the tracks of the window a good clean. Aside from keeping the glass and frame clean, you need those tracks to be clean and clear in order for the window to keep being operable. So be sure to remove any dirt, dust, debris, or insects that may have collected over the months.

Keep an Eye Out for Condensation

Condensation that forms between window panes can highlight a problem with the windows. When condensation gets between the panes, it can impact the temperature in your home. So keep an eye out for signs of condensation, and if you do notice it, contact a window technician to assess and deal with the issue. It could mean that the window seal is failing, or it could point to an issue with your home’s vapour barrier.

Be Careful When Opening and Closing Windows

Windows sure are durable, but like anything – they’ll break under pressure. If you or your family members whip them open and close them aggressively, it can be enough to cause some damage. Be mindful and gentle when dealing with them.

Waterproof the Frames

Wooden frames are of course, more susceptible to damage from exposure to the weather elements. So be sure that they receive a waterproof coating, especially if you live in a location where you can expect a decent amount of precipitation. This will prevent them from rotting. Vinyl window frames will not bend, rot, or warp, which is why they are the replacement window material of choice for most homeowners these days. With exceptional finishes that mimic wood grain in a range of hues, they are virtually indistinguishable from wood frames!

Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company

If you’re not keen on the idea of spending as much time or attention cleaning, maintaining and monitoring your windows, you should consider hiring a professional window cleaning company to do it for you. Companies that specialize in this can perform all of the necessary maintenance with the appropriate methods and products to avoid causing any damage to the glass or window frames.

In addition to cleaning, they can perform preventative maintenance by monitoring your windows for you and informing you of any issues that might need to be addressed. For example, a professional company will have trained and expert staff that are trained to recognize any peeling caulk or cracking that might cause damage to the frame, glass, or surrounding area.

Whether you’re trying to sell your home, or if you just bought new windows and want to get the most longevity out of them – taking care of this investment is well worth it. Preventative maintenance is an important step to perform on a frequent basis to avoid decay and corrosion. Get your windows to last by incorporating these steps into your regular window care regime or have a professional window cleaning company to take care of it for you.