Windows That Will Keep Your Home Warm All Winter Long

If your home has older windows, you may want to look into windows replacement. New windows can effectively insulate your home against the cold air and can help you avoid common issues like drafts and air leaks. With the right windows, you’ll be able to put less strain on your heater and maintain a temperature that’s right for your home. 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type of replacement windows for your home. If you take the time to learn more about your options, you’ll be able to find windows that offer the comfort and warmth you’re looking for. 

Casement Windows 

While you’ll naturally want to look for windows that will seal out the cold air when temperatures drop, you’ll also want to make sure you can open your windows from time to time when the air in a room starts to feel stale. Casement windows have hinges on one or both sides, allowing you to quickly crack a window and then shut it again before the temperature in the room begins to drop.  

Awning Windows 

Many windows are designed to open at the left or right, but that isn’t the case with awning windows. Instead, you can tilt your window open with a crank system. You can slightly tilt your window to let a little air in, or you can keep turning the crank to let as much air in as possible. With this design, windows can be opened up even when it’s raining, which makes them a particularly great option for basements. 

After you’re done letting air in, you can turn the crank again to shut the window tightly. No heat will be able to escape after the window is shut. Even if cracking the window temporarily cools a room, the space will be warm again in no time!

Sliding Windows

It isn’t always possible for windows to open inside a room, and depending on the location of your home, it may not be possible to open up windows outside either. Thankfully, lift-out slide windows are a flexible solution that works well in cramped spaces. These windows don’t have to be opened completely. Instead, you can partially open your windows when you need to let fresh air in. 

Occasionally cracking a window can help to keep your space fresh and odor-free. When the winter season rolls around, it’s likely that you’ll want to keep your windows shut. Thanks to the efficient way they’re designed, your home will lose very little heat in the winter. You’ll be able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home without putting too much stress on your heating system. 

Tilt-and-Turn Windows 

Tilt-and-Turn windows can be opened in a variety of ways, making them a flexible and efficient solution for many homes. If you want to quickly ventilate a space, you can open up your window entirely. Alternatively, you can tilt your window so that air is able to slowly circulate throughout the space. You can even tilt your windows to let fresh air in when it’s raining outside. 

Not only are these windows easy to open, but they’re easy to shut as well. Once the windows are shut tightly, the cold air outside will be sealed off completely. When temperatures are below freezing, you’ll want to let in as little air as possible. This type of windows replacement allows you to circulate air without causing the temperatures in your home to plummet.

Finding the Best Frames and Glass for Your Windows 

Not only will you need to decide on the best type of windows for your home, but you’ll need to find suitable window frames. While wood is a popular option, it can warp and rot when exposed to the elements. Furthermore, it can transfer temperatures, which can make it harder to keep your home warm. Vinyl window frames are a better solution if you’re concerned about the chilly weather. These frames are equipped with multiple air chambers that can help you keep your home at a cozy temperature year round. 

You’ll also want to make sure you select a type of glass that provides ample insulation. Triple-pane glass is a fantastic option, and Lo-E glass is also worth considering. Make sure that every component of your windows will help keep your home warm.

Windows replacement is a smart investment that could save you money over time. If your home is poorly insulated, it’s likely that you’re spending more than you need to on heating and cooling. Install new, energy efficient windows that will make it easier for you to keep your home at the right temperature.