Make Your Custom Windows and Doors More Affordable With These Tricks

We’ve wondered for a while who’s spreading the rumours that when windows and doors are custom built they are REALLY, REALLY expensive. Our design and build teams were left scratching their heads: isn’t steel just steel; isn’t glass just glass? Are we pumping gold into custom windows and doors in Toronto?

Let’s cut the flourish and get to the point: custom-designed and built windows and doors are as affordable as their ‘standard’ counterparts. It’s just because people are so used to associating ‘custom’ with ‘expensive’ that they think buying and designing custom replacement windows in Toronto will be really expensive too.

In this article, we break down a few very simple ways you can save on your custom windows and custom doors. But first, have you considered these costs when you buy standard doors which are ‘so much cheaper’?

– Hidden costs – If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Your ‘standard’ door may be cheap, but expect hidden charges, like painting, finishing, polishing and more to inflate the cost. Kind of like flying an ultra-cheap airline, where seat selection is more expensive than your ticket.

– Installation costs– The window or door may be of a ‘standard’ size but your frame may not be. We leave it to your imagination how much it will cost to remove the existing frame, redo brickwork or woodwork and install a new frame.

– Workmanship – For you to receive ‘cost savings’, the manufacturer must do some cost-cutting. This can mean cheap and low quality panels, a poor insulating core or locks and hinges that will sag and corrode rapidly.

When you buy custom doors or windows from Eco Choice you know what goes into building them. That and our extensive warranty means you don’t just buy custom, you invest in them.

Custom windows and doors pay for themselves

Thermal inefficiency is one of the biggest reasons for your rising energy costs. The configuration of your windows can make a huge impact on your bills. Similarly, well-constructed doors with strong and insulating materials will seal your home far better than something standard.

An investment in energy efficient and Energy Star rated windows and doors will save you tremendously every month! You’ll recoup the cost of going custom in no time at all.

Ecochoice helps homeowners make their doors and windows more affordable with: referral discounts, promotions and easy financing.

Cut out the middleman in replacement

Also, if you buy a standard door or window, the cost of building and installing is not something you factor in. When you choose Ecochoice for your custom door or windows, our team builds everything in-house. This keeps prices lower, and means a much more thorough quality control process.

Also, since we’ll install the door or windows for you, you’ll save tremendously on installation charges. Don’t believe us? Get a free quote from Ecochoice for building and installation: compare that with the costs of buying pre-built and then getting installation from a third party.

Save on your doors and windows with these tips

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Smoother installation

When you buy custom, a team of professionals comes and measures your opening. We check what material is used and what condition it’s in. That way you know you’ll get windows and doors that fit the first time. No ugly modifications, no need to struggle with windows that are ‘just too snug’ or seams that are just too wide.

Decorative glass and insets

If you are trying to get doors and windows on a budget, a simple way is to reduce complexity and intricacy in design. There are several different types of glass options, such as privacy glass, tinted windows and inset grills. On top of that, you can custom shape your windows to your heart’s content. But these finer touches can make your custom replacement windows rather more expensive. A simple slider window will naturally be less complex than a hinged design or a double-hung window.

The same principle applies for doors too. Lots of glass or decorative elements in the door itself or in the side frame will raise construction and build costs. Want to install a barn door or a double opening door where there was a simple swing door before? It’s going to add to your cost.

Avoid hidden costs and fees

When you choose Eco Choice for your windows and doors in Toronto or the GTA you have the assurance that the price we give you will be a considered, accurate cost for your project. We don’t startle our customers will hidden fees and costs. The quote will cover the completion of your project – from design, to build, to installation. If you have performed DIY on your house or called professional tradesman, you know how unexpected and ‘unmentioned’ costs can quickly add up.

Smooth installation

At Custom Window Designs we’re proud to employ the best installers in the industry. Our team of experts has been installing windows and doors across Toronto for over 35 years. We’re experienced and trained in real day-to-day window and door installations and are prepared to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the installation process.

Contact Eco Choice today and get a free, no-obligation quote for your project.