Making the most of the Green Ontario Rebate Program

Several homeowners in Ontario have been benefiting from the Green Ontario Fund Project. What is the program all about?

The Green Ontario Fund is a provincial non-profit agency that supports causes of environmental conservation and sustainability. Well, this initiative was launched to offer a rebate to consumers who are willing to buy/upgrade to certain energy-efficient products. So if you are renovating your home and if you purchase a window that satisfied the necessary specifications, then you as a homeowner are entitled to a rebate.

The provincial authorities in Ontario are hugely investing in the program in order to guarantee its success and dominance in a competitive terrain. In this regard, the province has also launched GreenON Support, a toll-free service that allows homeowners to receive advice from experts on the most appropriate ways to conserve energy. Homeowners are not only advised on the best means to conserve energy but also offered an opportunity to save money in the process of renovating their homes.

The Green Ontario Fund is a critical component in the quest to heighten environmental conservation and sustainability and promote environmental conservation through reduction of the carbon footprint. Eco Choice Windows, being a popular service provider in the GTA for more than 15 years, is also offering rebates to anyone who is looking to upgrade to ENERGY STAR®’s Most Efficient 2017 windows, through the Green Ontario Fund. The program offers up to $5,000 for new windows and this has received a great response from the market.

As a responsible business entity, the team at Eco Choice always ensures that the installation of its doors and windows are done flawlessly thereby providing energy efficient solutions to homeowners. The award-winning team at Eco Choice doors and windows ensure that the windows and doors that they deliver and install are durable, secure and are made of the most modern products that suit the needs of any family.

The energy efficient windows also appeal to the clientele because they are made to specifically reduce the energy losses and reduce the carbon footprint. Eco Choice Windows is dedicated to reducing the carbon print as a means to achieve environmental sustainability. In this regard, all windows are fabricated with ecoGAIN Low-E glass system that plays a critical role in reducing the loss of energy in homes. These efforts are invaluable when it comes to fighting global warming.

The Green Ontario rebate program was launched in December 2017 and the team at Eco Choice Windows and Doors have been successfully assisting homeowners make the most of this program. The program has been successful in gaining the attention of the audience and in educating them about the benefits. By highlighting the rebates that are on offer, we are successfully able to bring more and more people forward to adopting eco-friendly practices. This has delighted the stakeholders and customers alike. The offer has been beneficial to homeowners because it offers an opportunity to contribute to the environmental conservation program This program has got off to an excellent start since December 2017 and it is encouraging to see more and more people accept their role in the conservation program.

Take advantage of this great rebate by getting in touch with us. For any inquiries, you can always send your emails at [email protected] or you can call us at 1-855-868-5895. Learn more about our rebate program to benefit.