Must-watch home improvement shows on HGTV, Netflix and Amazon

Need something to scratch the home improvement itch? Unfortunately, unless your repair or replacement need is ‘essential’, you have to wait. Thankfully, Netflix, Amazon, CBC and many other streaming platforms have a plethora of home improvement shows for your entertainment. Here’s a list home renovation and improvement shows that we think are a must-watch. (sorry if it’s not available in your region)

Home shows to keep you happy during the Covid-19 lockdown

Bryan Inc.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have become one of the most entertaining home renovation experts on TV today. ‘Bryan Inc.’ follows this intrepid couple as they renovate and sell homes. Great TV and great home improvement ideas for your home.

Watch it on HGTV.

Property Brothers

Follow twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott as they transform rundown houses into dream homes. Best of all, they have been going around Toronto helping homeowners with renovations, so the homeowners in the show are really relatable.

Watch it on HGTV.

Sarah Off The Grid

Sarah Richardson set off the quest to take her own home off the grid, but the show’s success soon meant she was soon doing other peoples’ homes too. And when a Canadian award-winning interior designer is giving you tips and ideas, there’s plenty of reason to pay attention.

Watch it on HGTV.

Stay Here

Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer guide homeowners in their quest to turn ordinary rental properties into statement hotspots. This is one home show that will really inspire you to glam up your house.

Watch it on Netflix.

Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford

Trust Danny Lipford to bring the practical and real world home improvement and maintenance advice every homeowner needs. This show may not have the glitz and glamour of some of the others on this list, but it makes up for it with a lot of substance.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Shows starting in 2020

Frozen in Time (expected in spring)

Dan Vickery and Maureen McCormick are tackling homes that have been stuck in time – Dan working on the house itself and Maureen on the décor. We can’t wait to see the kind of renovations the pair are going to show.

Watch it on HGTV.

Build Me Up (expected in summer)

Orlando Soria – yes, the same Orlando who’s a social media star, published author and interior designer – is refreshing homes to bring fresh new energy. The show is supposed to be about more than just renovations, taking the viewer through an emotional journey and a lot of humour. Should be a good one!

Watch it on HGTV.

If you didn’t notice a lot of these shows are available on HGTV. Time to renew that subscription if you want to watch the best home improvement shows, not just reality TV.

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