Opt for Certified Window Installers to Avoid Common Installation Problems

Window performance strongly depends on the quality of window installation. You can opt for the best windows in the market, spend money on expensive upgrades, but if the installation or replacement is not done by a certified window installer, that money is as good as wasted. The windows could be leaky due to poor installation and might let in both air and water which will further weaken the structure. Be it any kind of window – bow window, bay window, or awnings, every window must be installed with utmost care.

Ensuring proper installation is key to well-maintained, long-lasting window performance. Eco Choice Windows and Doors are highly qualified and certified to handle the various installation and replacement tasks for any kind of home. 

Opt for Certified Window Installers to Avoid Common Installation Problems

Problems with Opening and Closing

This is the kind of problem that might go unnoticed initially especially if your windows were installed during the colder season when you don’t frequently open your windows. However, come summer, you will find this a painstaking task to deal with. Windows might start jamming when you try to open them or they might get stuck which would further accentuate the problem. Poor window installation can cause this problem which could be easily avoided. You will face this problem in windows such as casement windows and slider windows if they are improperly installed. 

Water and Draft Damage

If there is a draft coming in which is noticeable especially during winters, it is a sure shot sign of poor window installation. If you notice wet stains on the carpet, mold growing near the window, take it as an indicator that there is leakage caused due to the window. If no water is visible, you will eventually get a  musty smell caused due to the seepage. Windows letting in the draft will greatly increase your energy bills apart from making your room extremely uncomfortable to live in.

Gaps between the Sill and Frame

If you notice a gap between the window sill and frame, you’ve encountered one of the most common mistakes of poor window installation. This shows that the installer did not correctly measure the materials and frame size during installation. Gaps may be invisible to the naked eye but you will surely feel them. If you notice that your energy bills are on the rise post window installation or your home feels breezier, it is a sign that there are gaps in the window that is letting unwanted air inside. 

Foggy Glass Panes

If your windows look wet and foggy even in the absence of any rain, it is surely a red flag. Condensation should not occur inside the windowpane. If that is the case, it is a sign of poor window installation. Contact us for proper window installation to avoid such problems. We can also replace windows that have been improperly installed. 

Uneven Window Height

Windows should fit perfectly into their assigned frame and space. A careful crew will take care to take accurate measurements. A poor sealing job could cost you the integrity of your insulation. Due to poor insulation, you will see an increase in energy bills as well as cause water damage. 

Eco Choice Windows – Certified Windows and Doors Installers in GTA

As mentioned above, improper installation of windows can lead to a lot of problems. Windows should increase home energy efficiency and boost the resale value of your home. In order to get these advantages, contact Eco Choice Windows at 1 (855) 273-326 today to benefit from experienced and expert window installers.