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February 13th, 2017 by Eco Choice

A Quick Guide to Vinyl Windows

A quick guide to vinyl windows

When it’s time to consider replacing your windows, being faced with numerous choices can be overwhelming, to say the least. Do you go with a wood frame, aluminum frame, vinyl frame, or fiberglass frame? Fixed or sliding sashes? Single sliding window or double hung? Single pane or triple glazed? That’s not even getting into your design choices when it comes to colour, trim, grill style, glass opacity, or lites.


A lot of these decisions will depend on your personal design preferences, priorities, and budget. But when it comes to choosing a material for your replacement window, vinyl stands above all other possibilities. Vinyl windows are a great option and the most requested and purchased choice on the market today for numerous reasons.


We’ve created a quick guide to vinyl windows to help guide your decision process and learn why vinyl is now the most popular window material:


What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is one of the most versatile plastics in the world. It is an advanced plastic polymer, technically known as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is used to make everything from clothing and IV bags to flooring, siding, and yes, window frames. PVC is safe and affordable, and its superior thermal resistance properties make it a great material for window frames.


Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is energy efficient with a range of benefits that make it simply a better choice than most other materials. Vinyl has also greatly progressed since it entered the market, with the process and construction being greatly improved. Some of the key benefits you can experience today include:


  • Great Strength and durability
  • Reduced costs associated with cooling and heating
  • Low maintenance
  • Requires no painting
  • Scratch and peel resistant
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Superior thermal efficiency
  • Reduces air infiltration
  • Easy installation which greatly reduces overall cost
  • Wide range of colours, laminates, sizes, and styles available
  • Numerous designs to choose from
  • Options that include interior wood laminates – oak, cherry, maple that looks like wood without the hassles of wood finishes
  • Customizable – will fit in any opening



One of the reasons so many homeowners in Vaughan and throughout the GTA are choosing vinyl replacement windows is the affordability factor. Vinyl windows are much more affordable than wood frames, sometimes half the price. Vinyl windows keep cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer. As a result, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on energy costs. This adds up to long-term cost savings that can really make a difference.


Low Maintenance

Vinyl outperforms wood in many categories, including maintenance. With vinyl, you don’t have to worry about rot, termites, corrosion, or damage from salt air. Wood and metal tend to expand and swell with changes in weather conditions, something you won’t need to worry about with vinyl. Also, you will never have to sand or repaint like you will with wood windows, and cleaning is as simple as wetting a cloth with mild soap and water and wiping dry.


Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is now a high priority for homeowners. Vinyl windows are multi-glazed, meaning there are multiple panes of windows. Triple paned (or tripled glazed windows) are the optimal choice for conserving energy and saving money. The two outer panes are coated with LoE film, which reflects heat in the winter and rejects heat and UV rays in the summer. The panes are spaced by foam spacers to deliver optimal thermal performance, while Argon gas between the panes to prevent frost and improve noise attenuation.


Window Selection

No matter what size, shape, or functionality your window needs, vinyl frames are the right fit. Vinyl window styles include casement, fixed casement, awning, single slider, double slider, picture, single hung, double hung, end vent, basement, bay, bow, shaped windows, and European tilt and turn. Whether you need a standard-sized window or custom, vinyl windows can be made to suit.



Performance is and should always be the first priority, but design matters, too. With vinyl windows, you get the best of both worlds. Vinyl windows are available in a wide range of standard window colours, or you can order a custom colour to best suit your existing décor. Vinyl can even mimic the elegant and warm appearance of wood, whether you prefer deep grain English Walnut or bright and inviting Norwegian Maple. Vinyl frames can be custom-fitted to any size or shape with untold design options, all at a price you won’t believe.


When it’s time to consider installing replacement windows throughout your home, consider vinyl. Eco Choice Windows & Doors is the supplier and installer of choice for vinyl windows for homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area, from Hamilton to Oshawa, Scarborough to Aurora. We stand apart from the competition with competitive prices, expert staff, precise installation, and the latest products and technology that put energy savings, quality, and beauty above all.


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