Why Replace Your Windows & Doors

Are your utility bills higher than you expect each month? Are you tired of having to repaint your window frames every year because the paint keeps chipping? Are you preparing your home for sale? Do you simply feel like your home needs a facelift? There are many compelling reasons to upgrade your home with new windows and doors. The latest high-quality products can transform your home when it comes to energy efficiency, security, noise reduction, home value, and home design. Let’s explore the advantages of replacement windows and doors:

Energy Efficiency

Improving your home’s energy efficiency is not just a good way to help the environment – it’s also a good way to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Old windows and doors are made of materials like wood that expand and contracts with weather changes, resulting in air leaks. If not properly maintained, wood can rot over the years, and it’s also susceptible to termites and mold. The result: a window that can no longer do its job. Wood doors can warp, bow, and rot, causing a telltale howl on windy nights.

Technology has changed a lot as well, and single-paned windows simply can’t compete with the energy efficiency of triple-glazed windows with foam spacers and suspended Argon gas in the chambers to ensure a tight, weatherproof seal. Finally, the standards of installation have changed a lot over the years. Even the highest quality window or door will fail if it is not installed with precision.

By replacing windows and doors that have energy leaks with better insulating materials, you can help save yourself costly monthly expenses on energy consumption. Switching to Energy Star® certified windows will save up to 30% or more on energy bills, so your replacement windows will practically pay for themselves in energy savings.


Ensuring you have durable windows and doors with easy-to-use safety features is important to keep everyone safe and sound.  Conveniently, many newer windows and doors offer built-in safety mechanisms and even multi-point locking systems and automatic latch bolts that provide enhanced protection. High-quality materials and heavy-duty glass are able to stay strong in challenging Canadian weather conditions, with driving rain and snow and howling winds.


When you invest in replacement windows and doors, you want a product that will stand the test of time, even with minimal maintenance. Old wood windows and doors simply can’t endure the elements and eventually fail. Fiberglass doors, for instance, are resistant to warping, bowing, twisting, denting, scratching, and scuffing. They are also resistant to rotting, rusting, and weathering. Steel entry doors are engineered with 24-gauge galvanized steel to ensure the strength and durability you can rely on. Using a high-performance composite material on the bottom rails provides superior rot resistance as well.

Noise Reduction

If you’re awoken every morning by a rumbling truck or bus passing, or the sound of construction down the road interrupts every naptime, old windows and doors could be the problem. Old materials do not provide the noise reduction needed for enjoyable city living.

There are a few factors that make for excellent noise reduction properties in a window. First, the construction of the entire unit matters. If the unit is manufactured with quality parts, expert labor, and attention to detail, it will have superior sound abatement. Second, the more internal air chambers, the better insulation and sound abatement qualities you can expect to see. Our vinyl windows have the highest number of internal air chambers to help keep the sounds of outside where they belong. Finally, single pane windows are the least efficient at blocking sound waves. Triple paned windows (also called triple glazed windows) absorb sound waves more efficiently, reducing noise up to 45dB.

Doors also play an integral role in controlling the movement of sound as they are the thinnest barrier in a wall. Ensuring there are no gaps around the edges and by having a very durable and properly fitted door, you can easily improve the noise pollution that enters and exits your home.

Home Value

Your front door is the focal point of your home. With all the types of door styles, colors, and finishes currently available on the market, you can easily pick an attractive door that matches the surroundings and improves the curb appeal of your home. Windows are also an important part of your home’s eye-catching appeal, as they bring light into your home and give it character.


With so many options on the market to choose from, a good point to remember is that the more natural light and ventilation your home provides, the more these elements promote health and well-being. New windows and doors also increase the overall appearance of the space. Simple improvements to your door and window designs can easily improve the overall look and layout of your home.

Replacing windows and doors can easily improve the appearance and livability of your home, which can save on energy consumption and provide you with a greater amount of comfort. Eco Choice Windows and Doors is the supplier and installer of choice for windows and doors in the GTA. We stand apart from the competition with expert staff, precision installation, competitive pricing, and the latest high-quality products and technology. Book your free, no-obligation consultation today to discover the Eco Choice difference!