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November 21st, 2018 by Alan

Ways in Which Replacement Windows Add Value to Your Home

Home renovation is a dream project for many. Most of us, if not all, separate our hard-earned money into buckets of savings, one of which is definitely home maintenance/ renovation. However, it is one thing to invest in repair and quite another to shell out cash for an all-out makeover. The associated costs make one wonder, is window replacement really worth it? Here are a few reasons why we think it is and how new windows can augment the value of your house.

Contributes to the Market Price

Few amongst us are prepared to jump head-first into window replacement. It is natural for us to hesitate. Window replacements can cost anywhere between $450 to $1200, per window, depending on the design and the type of labour required for installation.

Nonetheless, the return on investment makes the expense seem worthwhile. Attractive windows can pay up to 75% of the price it takes to install them. This is because they contribute to an uptick in the market value and the perceived appeal of the house. Consequently, they can fetch a better price for your home, if and when you do consider putting it up for sale.


Protects Interiors

Traditional windows might not pack much when it comes to safeguarding your property from the natural elements. Take your everyday glass window, for example. Plenty of UV radiation permeates its surface, causing the furniture inside to peel and tan, over time. When you replace the average glass panel of a window with a smart one, like Low-E glass, your home’s interiors are well-protected against the harsh rays of the sun. This would mean that the costly furnishings and priced possessions indoors last longer, reducing, vicariously, the dollars spent on restoring them or buying brand new furniture.

Saves Energy & Money

Window replacements can help you automatically save up to 30% of your annual spend on electrical heating or cooling. “How?”, you ask?. Properly installed windows act as a robust barrier between the exterior and your home, tightly-sealing any gaps that might cause air to trickle in and out. With Eco Choice’s energy-saving window replacement options, you can worry less about the figures that might show up on your bill at the end of the month and enjoy better aesthetics!


Keeps Creepy-Crawlies Away

Some homeowners wait way too long to refurbish their windows. The wake-up call, a lot of times, is mould or rust. If window replacements are done at the right time, they can prevent bugs, moss and pernicious sediments from infringing on the veneer of your home, and, worse, slowly creeping inside. The consequences are harmful to both your house and its occupants, as rotting can lead to detrimental ailments. Timely window replacements can offer a fresh look as well as keep the façade healthy.


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