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Windows have an extended period of time until they need to be changed – some windows can take years to show any damage. However, even with reasonable care, every window eventually needs replacement.

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The Types of Replacements Eco Choice Windows & Doors Can Provide You

At Eco Choice Windows & Doors, clients can choose different window options based on their budget and preferences.

The types of replacements provided are:

Bow Windows


Bow windows group 4 or 5 window panels side-by-side, providing a great view. Apart from a beautiful design, these windows allow for excellent airflow and a lot of natural light inside the house; therefore, Bow windows are commonly placed in living and dining rooms.


  • Customized tilts
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Natural lighting filtration
bow windows

Bay Windows


Like the Bow window type, Bay windows also provide a lot of ventilation and natural light. The difference between these two window styles is in the angle and the panels – Bay windows are more angular and are composed of 3 panels rather than 4.

Bay windows are highly energy-efficient and provide a luxurious design in spacious bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms.


  • Provides a lot of natural light
  • Energy-efficient
  • Provides great ventilation

Awning Windows


Awning windows are hinged to open outwards effortlessly. This window type provides excellent ventilation and easy maintenance.

Awning windows are commonly seen in kitchens and basements.


  • Secured tilt and sash
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good air circulation

Casement Windows


Like awning windows, casement windows provide excellent ventilation and natural light to any room. Casement windows are hinged to the side, similar to a door. 

This window style is energy-efficient and a classic choice for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.


  • Great airflow control and ventilation
  • Extra security
  • Easy maintenance

Hung Windows


Hung windows can be single-hung or double-hung – while the single-hung window has only one of its panels hinged at the bottom half, the double-hung window will have both panels able to close up and down. Hung windows are easy to clean and maintain.

Double-hung windows are more common, as they provide better ventilation and a secured lock system. 


  • A compact style for any room
  • Great source of ventilation
  • Cost-effective

Slider Windows


Instead of opening the hinge up or down, a slider window is more practical for moving from left to right. Slider windows are commonly placed in bedrooms and kitchens, and have a high-security rate.

Aside from excellent durability and easy maintenance, slider windows also provide a lot of airflow.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Great natural lighting
  • Easy maintenance

European Tilt-and-turn Windows


This window style can be tilted at the top or the bottom, providing excellent airflow. European tilt-and-turn windows are also simple to install, easy to maintain, and clean.

Homeowners can use tilt-and-turn windows around their houses since they provide excellent thermal efficiency and natural light.


  • Provide excellent ventilation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy maintenance
tilt and turn windows
picture windows

Fixed or Picture Windows


Picture windows are motionless, providing rooms with a lot of natural light and the perfect view. Picture windows are very energy-efficient and have a lovely design.


  • Beautiful design
  • Energy-efficient model
  • Excellent natural light

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How Can You Find Out if Your Old Window Needs Replacement?

A few telltale signs can indicate if a window needs replacement. Homeowners should watch out for:

It is difficult to open or close the windows properly

Windows provide rooms with ventilation during Summer and stop the cold air from entering during Winter. Replacing the windows is a good idea if they are not opening or closing correctly.

The window glass condensates often

Windows not only give natural light and a good design enhancement, but they also protect homes from extreme weather changes. If the window glass condenses more than it should, it means the window seal is faulty and needs replacement.

The window glass fogs or cracks easily

Aside from condensation, windows that need replacement are also prone to face humidity issues that occur when the frame is not correctly set.

When it comes to cracks in the windows, the problem is related to thermal stress in the glass – when temperature changes often and abruptly, a glass window that needs replacement will quickly expand in different directions and, consequently, crack.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows With Eco Choice?

Eco Choice Windows & Doors offers clients reliable replacement services throughout Toronto and the GTA. 

Window Replacement Prices

Prices are based on the type of installation, window pane, size, and material.

  • Fixed or Picture Windows: $725-$5,038
  • Single and Double Slider Windows: $780-$1,980
  • Single and Double Hung Windows: $780-$1,980
  • Casement Windows: $900-$2,068
  • Awning Windows: $850-$1,650
  • Tilt-and-Turn Windows: $1,200-$2,800
  • Bay Windows: $2,500-$5,500
  • Bow Windows: $2,900-$5,500

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