The Added Value of New Windows: Is It Worth It?

When deciding whether to sell or renovate a house, the installation of new windows and doors can play a significant role in improving the appearance of a house. Replacing old windows and doors can increase a house’s buying value by making it look more aesthetically pleasing and improving the overall energy efficiency of the property. 

This article will explain how replacing windows and doors increases a house’s value and why homeowners should seriously consider it as a long-term profitable outcome.

Increasing the Value of Your Home With Windows and Doors Replacement

In Ontario, replacing old windows and doors is one of the most common practices to add value to a house. Upon installing vinyl windows and replacing the interior/exterior doors, homeowners can significantly raise the cost of their properties in the Greater Toronto Area by more than 40%.

The reason behind this value increase is that the windows and doors of a house create a positive first impression for potential buyers when they visit a home. In such a competitive market, properties with new windows and doors replacement have a higher chance of standing out.

Benefits Of New Installed Windows

When replacing old windows with vinyl windows, homeowners instantly bring more value to their houses. That is because vinyl windows provide many benefits, such as:

  • More energy-efficiency
  • Additional security
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Reduction in outdoor noise disturbance
  • UV protection 
  • Improvement in the overall appearance of a house

Benefits Of New Installed Doors

Just like new windows, door replacement also provides a fair share of benefits for homeowners and potential buyers in the market. New doors can increase a house’s value by:

  • Improving the house’s curb appeal
  • Providing extra security
  • Saving on energy costs by being energy-efficient

Homeowners often think that in order to increase their house value or refresh its looks, it involves huge remodelling projects. The freshness that new windows and doors can bring to a house has always been underestimated and overlooked but if taken advantage of, it can help in achieving wonderful results. 

Preparing Your House for Windows and Doors Installation

Replacing windows and doors in a house can involve technical challenges and should always be done by a professional installer. Otherwise, it increases the chances of unwanted accidents. 

Here are a few steps to follow if you wish to install new windows and doors: 

  • Contact a reputable company
  • Cover furniture and floors to protect them from dust and debris
  • Remove any curtains or rods from the windows and doors
  • Offer installers as much space to work as possible

A house under renovation can experience loud noises and get dusty throughout the installation process. By following the quick steps mentioned above, homeowners can help installers do their job correctly and efficiently. 

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Once the new windows and doors are installed, our installation team will test the new windows and doors to ensure they are working properly, clean up the working areas and provide the homeowner with a completion form to review.

How to Know When Your Windows and Doors Need Replacement

Replacing the windows and doors of a home is more about than just adding value to the place. Indeed, even if the windows or doors of a house are in good condition, homeowners can still consider upgrading to better models.

Look out for these telltale signs that can indicate when windows and doors need replacement.

When To Consider Window Replacement 

Windows need replacement if:

  • There is mould in the frames
  • The glass condensates more than it should
  • The window does not open or close properly
  • Water leaks through the trims
  • The glass is cracked or broken

Replacing windows in such conditions with vinyl windows will guarantee more energy efficiency and a better look to any house.

When To Consider Door Replacement 

Doors need replacement when:

  • The frames are wrapped
  • The door is damaged beyond repair
  • The door does not open or close properly
  • The door is not energy-efficient anymore
  • There are cracks or holes in the door

Replacing old, broken doors with modern front doors made of steel or fibreglass will improve the appearance and energy efficiency of a house and provide a long-lasting first impression. 

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