Top 10 Reasons Homeowners Replace Their Windows

Window replacement is a serious investment that can have a big impact on the functionality and appearance of your home. Many homeowners who decide to install new windows often choose to do so out of necessity. Below we’ve listed the top ten reasons that lead homeowners to get replacement windows in Toronto.

Environmental Reasons

New windows are naturally environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly windows can keep out heat in summer and hold in warmth in the winter, so you’ll have less need to climate control your home. The less you use your furnace and air conditioner, the fewer natural resources will be used to keep your home a comfortable temperature. The end result is a smaller carbon footprint for your household and reduced environmental impact.

Lower Utility Bills

Replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 30%.  Many homeowners who install new windows do so because they’re hoping to pay lower utility bills over time.

Increased Home Value

New windows can make your home more attractive to home buyers. Many homeowners who choose to install new windows in their homes do so because they’re hoping to increase the value and marketability of their property. This is especially common for homeowners who wish to sell their homes in a few short years. Installing new windows can help attract buyers searching for move-in-ready, energy-efficient properties.

Design and Aesthetics

From North American replacement vinyl windows to European tilt and turn styles, new windows make a beautiful addition to any home. Many homeowners who wish to install new windows do so because they wish to update the appearance of their homes. In these circumstances, the windows being replaced are often warped, bent, cracked and suffering from other cosmetic deficiencies.

Old Windows Get Foggy

Old double-pane windows rely on an air-tight seal to maintain clarity and functionality. Over time this seal can deteriorate due to the elements. When this happens, the seal between the panes is broken and moisture can leak into the space between the panes. The end result is a fog that clouds the glass. This fog can never be cleaned and is very difficult to repair. When this happens, many homeowners choose to replace their windows with an all-new, pristine appearance.

Decreased Maintenance

Old windows, particularly old wooden windows, can be high maintenance. Paint on old wooden windows must be touched up on a regular basis, and sometimes that paint must be removed and replaced altogether. This is a big project even for ambitious DIYers. Replacing old windows with new ones can help reduce maintenance and expense for the homeowner.

Temperature Control

The hot sun can make some rooms warmer than others during the day, making temperature control during the summer difficult or even impossible. New windows provide insulation against temperature fluctuations, so intense summer heat will have little or no effect on the home’s interior. This helps ensure that all parts of the home are equally comfortable throughout the day.

New Windows Protect Surfaces From Fading

UV rays can cause hardwood, upholstery, paintings and photographs to fade over time. This kind of damage is costly as well as frustrating for homeowners. This is especially problematic in homes with dramatic western and southern exposures. Modern windows come with special coatings that protect against UV rays, to protect the surfaces inside.

Ease of Use

Old windows can become warped and misshapen as homes settle and age. As a result, older windows can be difficult to open and close. New replacement vinyl windows are designed to be easy to use time and allow for easy cleaning from the inside of your home.

New Windows Don’t Leak

In some cases, older windows can develop serious problems like leaks. Water damage from leaks can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. Properly installed new windows should not develop these problems, thus saving homeowners money in repairs.


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