Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Getting New Windows

The days of windows with single-pane glass and straightforward wooden frames are passed. Modern windows are designed to meet several needs beyond providing natural light and airflow. From saving energy bills to raising aesthetic appeal, modern windows offer a host of features that can improve the quality of life indoors. Depending on the quality of the product as well as how well they have been installed, replacing old windows with new ones can be a wise investment that provides high returns over time.  Here are some undeniable benefits that homeowners can expect from their new window replacements.

#1 Energy Efficiency 

One of the most striking features of new window installments is their advanced thermal properties. Modern windows are usually double or even triple-paned which prevents indoor heat from escaping. Argon, a gas heavier than air, is injected in between the glass panels to prevent outside air from influencing household comfort. Thus, new windows can reduce the load on HVAC systems and over time, can significantly reduce energy bills. 

#2 Noise Reduction 

New windows with argon and multiple glass panes not only help check energy bills but can also greatly reduce unwanted noise. This feature is sure to attract homeowners with properties that are right next to or close to busy streets. A quieter environment provides less distraction and allows the mind to concentrate more effectively.   

#3 Aesthetic Appeal

Being one of the most visible aspects of the household, new windows are the perfect installations to boost your home’s visual appeal. New windows are available in various shapes and sizes and can be designed to suit individual tastes and preferences. Homeowners can select from Eco Choice’s wide window frames designed to suit all kinds of styles, be contemporary or traditional.  

#4 Low Maintenance

Modern windows are designed specifically to be low maintenance. Materials like vinyl and fiberglass are not susceptible to rotting, warping or weathering over time. Some windows have tilted sashes that allow homeowners to easily clean and maintain them without much physical effort. Unlike old wooden frames with single panes, new window replacements can last long periods of time without needing additional repairs or attention.   

#5 Increased Home Value

The benefits of installing new windows are not just limited to reduced energy bills. Studies show that installing new windows can add value to your home. You can expect over 70% return on your investment by installing modern windows from Eco Choice Windows and Doors. Thus, this reduces financial pressure on homeowners who are hesitant on investing in new window installations. Over time, the new window will pay for itself. 

Get New Windows Today!

New windows can provide certain benefits that you can enjoy for years to come. But the extent of those benefits largely depends on the choice of products as well as the installation professionals. Here at Eco Choice, we not just help you select and supply the best windows but also guarantee smooth installations that will leave you without worries.

Whether you are in the market for new casement windows, looking for new slider windows as part of a home renovation project, need to order a bay window for a new home build, or would like to upgrade the value of your home and improve energy efficiency with total window replacement, we are ready to assist. 

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