Top 8 Questions about Window Replacement Answered

Installing or replacing windows can be quite a stressful event for homeowners. Apart from the window replacement cost, there are a few factors that need to be considered when deciding about getting windows replaced. Read on to know all the top questions that are asked by homeowners:

Q1. What exactly is a replacement window?

One of the first questions that might come to mind is what is a replacement window and how is it different from a newly constructed window. A newly constructed window requires a nailing fin ( rim) that helps you secure it into the rough space or opening in a wall. 

A replacement window does not need a nailing fin. It is secured into an existing window frame using fasteners. This makes them easier to install as they run through the existing window assembly. Replacement windows are generally used when homeowners upgrade their current windows. At Eco Choice Windows and Doors we can replace almost any window as per requirement but vinyl window replacement is our specialty.

Q.2 Is window replacement necessary or can I repair my windows?

While most homeowners try to opt for repairing their existing windows, it is not the most cost-effective solution. If you’re facing any of the following problems, then window replacement is a better option:

  • Rotted windows
  • Window hardware is not manufactured anymore
  • Repairing that causes exposure to lead-based paint
  • Fog/condensation in between the window pains
  • Existing windows are of a singular pane

If your windows are not performing up to the standards, it might be time to go in for secure, durable and energy-efficient windows. We supply casement windows, single hung windows and many more choices depending on your requirements. 

Q.3 When is the best time to opt for window replacement?

Windows can be replaced year-round except when extreme weather conditions hit. Heavy snow, rain and high winds are not suitable for carrying out window replacement treatments. On average, when it comes to window replacement, the installation takes just a day. Energy-efficient windows can help you conserve energy year-round which makes it a good project to invest in. 

Q.4 How to determine the glazing that goes on the windows?

There are primarily two types of residential glass: a 2 coat Low-E glass and a 3 coat Low-E glass. They may or may not be filled with krypton or argon gas. For climates where the temperature remains hot and cooling is a concern, you should consider a 3 coat Low-E glass as it effectively reduces heat absorption from the sun. This type of glass will also come with a brighter hue and have a greenish-blue tint on the glass.

However climates that are cold and houses require to stay warm, the 2 coat Low-E will help retain heat and warmth and also provide a good U-Value and insulation against the cold. This type of glass is clearer and has almost no colour or tint.

Q.5 How much does it cost to go for replacement windows?

This is surely one of the most commonly asked questions about window replacement. Window replacement projects can range from anywhere between $300-$700 USD per window. Installation costs, as well as construction costs along with upgrades, can vary depending on the size of the project, the materials used as well as the contractor you’ve hired. If you’re looking for cost-effective options, you can easily request a quote from Eco Choice Windows and Doors.

Q.6 How long do windows actually last?

If windows are installed by professionals and are from a trusted brand, they can last up to 20-25 years. If they are well maintained, they could also last longer. However, certain brands do not guarantee a lifespan of over 5, 7 or 15 years.

There are certain factors that determine the lifespan of the windows. These are:

Weather conditions: Windows exposed to bright sunlight for longer periods of time are prone to a shorter lifespan. Their performance can further be affected if the original quality of the window is poor.

Materials: You can choose between vinyl or wood and both come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Wood is easier to maintain but more prone to damage. Middle-aged vinyl can last up to 15 years, whereas premium vinyl can last for about 20-25 years.

Installation: Proper installation will enhance the durability of the windows. Always rely on professionals as this will ensure functionality, utility and a longer lifespan of windows.

Eco Choice windows are long-lasting, resilient and aesthetically pleasing which makes us the right choice for window installation. Our windows are designed for endurance. They are energy efficient and have increased strength.

Q.7 Should all windows be replaced at once?

This question is decided by the budget of the homeowner. Windows are usually replaced in stages by moving through different parts of the house. You need not feel pressured to change all the windows all at once.  Browse our website to see how to go about your new window replacement project. 

Q.8 How to prepare for a window replacement?

Prior to the arrival of the work crew, you can remove curtains, blinds or any obstructions that might stop the windows from opening. Since window access is also needed from the inside, move all the furniture in at least a 3-foot radius from the windows. You would also need to inform the alarm company if there are any alarms on the windows. The alarm company can remove them while the work is done.

Window replacement is not a task you need to get worked up about. Just contact us or find the nearest window replacement rep near you and we at Eco Choice Windows and Doors will take care of everything!

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