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Triple vs Double Pane Windows Which Are Better

June 17th, 2022 by Eco Choice

Triple vs. Double Pane Windows: Which Are Better?

Triple vs Double Pane Windows Which Are Better

Window insulation is an important factor in both summer and winter. In the summer, you want to keep the heat out, and in the winter, you want to keep the cold out. There are two main types of window insulation: Double Pane and Triple Pane glass. Let’s compare triple pane windows to double pane windows and see which one is better.


The Difference Between Double And Triple Pane Windows


There are several key differences between double and triple pane windows that are important to consider when making a decision about which type of window to install in your home.




Double pane windows are two panes of glass separated by a spacer, with sealed edges. The spacer acts as an insulator, preventing heat transfer between the two panes of glass. This makes double pane windows more energy-efficient than single-pane windows.


There are two types of double-pane windows: those with gas filling and those without. Gas-filled windows have argon or krypton gas between the panes of glass to further reduce heat transfer. These windows are even more energy-efficient than those without gas filling.


Triple-pane windows, on the other hand, have three panes of glass. The construction of these windows is such that there is an outer pane, a middle pane, and an inner pane. There is also a spacer between each layer of glass to provided added insulation and limit the trasfter of temperature from outide to inside the home.


Between each piece of glass is a layer of gas, typically argon or krypton. The air spaces serve as insulation against heat transfer, while the gas helps to further reduce heat loss.




There is a cost difference between double and triple-pane windows. Double pane windows typically cost 15-20% more than their single-pane counterparts. Triple pane windows can cost approx 20% more than double pane windows. Approximately, an average-sized double-pane window can cost $650 while its triple-pane counterpart can cost $800 per window.


The increased cost is due to the fact that double and triple pane windows are made with two or three panes of glass, respectively. The additional panes of glass help to insulate the window, which can lead to savings on heating and cooling costs. In addition, double and triple-pane windows typically come with argon or krypton gas between the panes of glass, which further increases the insulating properties of the window.




The main difference between double and triple pane windows is the number of layers of glass. Double pane windows have two panes of glass, while triple pane windows have three. The additional layer of glass in triple pane windows provides more insulation, which can lead to increased energy efficiency.


A house that needs higher heat retention can use a double or triple window pane depending on their level of heat preference. If your house is quite big and you want to keep the temperature warm as quickly as possible during a winter storm, you can invest in a triple-size window pane. This will definitely increase heat retention throughout the house. But if you prefer a moderately warm temperature, you can switch to a double pane window type. For those areas with longer summer or winter seasons, it is advised to purchase a triple pane window as it will surely increase heat retention for longer hours.


Sound Proofing


If triple window panes are highly significant in their energy-efficient feature, it is not that impactful in terms of soundproofing. This is because triple-pane windows have lesser in-between spaces, which means, lesser soundproofing can be made. Unlike triple-size window panes, double pane windows are likely to provide higher soundproofing levels which evidently increases sound reduction. That is why homeowners in urban communities or located in noisy residential areas install double pane windows rather than triple pane window glass. With lesser noise from the outside neighborhood, you are able to concentrate well on your activities and lessen the chances of anxiety.


Which is Better? Double or Triple Window Panes?


The answer to that question depends on some factors including how you want to use it, the size of your house, and the period you will be utilizing it. For instance, you can use double-pane windows in a regular household that is located in a raucous environment. On the other hand, you can choose triple-pane windows if your house is quite big and you need maximum heat during winter seasons and lesser heat during summer seasons.


Another thing to consider when choosing the window pane for your house is the current budget, investment return, and period of occupancy. If you will be living in that house for the rest of your life, then might as well invest in a multi-window pane like the triple-pane window that will bring extra comfort to your home and sure investment returns. But if you are just staying for a couple of years, then you can try a more practical one like the double pane windows. Whichever you choose, always remember the welfare of the family when you start to live in your house.


Window panes serve as additional protection to various elements that we can’t control like the heat from the sun, weather conditions, neighborhood noise, and so on. So, investing in a window pane that will surely provide a greater contribution to your home should be given priority and attention at all costs. Will it be hard? Surely not, if you have the right person for the job.


If you need some assistance and decision regarding window pane installations, you can seek help from our team of experts at Eco Choice Windows. We assure you that your windows and doors are of high-quality made. Check our various windows and door services with special offers by visiting our website. Call us to schedule an appointment!

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