Ultimate Replacement Window Buying Guide

Replacing windows for your home not only enhances its appearance, it also makes it quieter and more comfortable. With so many types of features and materials to choose from, installing the right window for your home can be challenging. As window replacements are usually long-term investments you should consider the following factors in order to make a well informed choice.

Window Frames

Improving the quality of your glass to increase the thermal insulation can be done to your frames, saving costs and making your home more comfortable. The frame material of the window determines several factors such as insulation and durability. Each frame has its own advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl Frames provides a sleek and tidy appearance to your home. Though most windows are available in white, the material can be painted over and has a lot of hardware options but is one of the least expensive of the lot and can last several years. These affordable frames can be insulated, similar to fiberglass frames, and can increase energy efficiency. Over the years, aluminum has fallen out of favour for its poor insulation, especially during the winter months. And while aluminum windows are slightly expensive, their premium finish and durability makes them a popular choice.


Before deciding on a window frame, keep in mind the cost, energy efficiency and the benefits to your home from the material. Our window experts find that, in the long run choosing a high quality window with improved function, durability and energy efficiency is vital to home comfort.

Window Styles

The window style is largely responsible for your homes ventilation and availability of natural light. The different styles are usually distinguished by their opening and closing mechanisms. Choose between a variety of window styles that best suit your home’s needs.


Single and Double-hung – A common style of window, double-hung windows have two horizontal sashes, both of which open. This provides plenty of ventilation and is easier to clean. Single-hung windows are basically the same with just a single movable lower sash.

Sliding Windows – Consisting of two or three sashes, sliding windows move sideways with a stationary center window.

Awning Windows – Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards along the bottom. These are generally placed over vertical windows to provide added sunlight and ventilation.

Casement Windows – These are the most popular window styles on the market. With a hinge on one side and a crank that opens outwards, casement windows provide very good ventilation. The clear and unobstructed view casements provide is one the reasons for their growing popularity.

Fixed Windows – As the name suggests, fixed windows do not open. These are important for rooms that require proper lighting without the need for ventilation. Fixed windows can be decorative and can be available in various shapes and sizes.

Other Factors

Energy efficiency is one factor that most homeowners should consider. While some material may provide better insulation than others, choosing the right material for extreme temperatures is very important for your home comfort. As window replacements are a long-term investment, the cost of the installation is another factor to consider. In order to avoid overspending, one should base the costs according to material, brand, quality and window dimensions.

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