Upcoming 2016 Trends for Entry Door Design

As the new year rolls around, you’ve likely decided that this is the time to make the updates to your home that you’ve been thinking about all year. Giving a tired home a little face lift can be a great idea, as it can increase the value of your home, and make your day-to-day life that much more enjoyable. One of the top trends for 2016 are the latest entry door designs that you can use to update your home. A new entry door design can give a new, updated twist to the look of your home, and can be a great energy saver too.


To begin with, the first entry door design trends of 2016 are contemporary doors. This design means dark or light, wood stained exterior finishes, both on the outside and on the inside of your home. This look is a modern twist on an older, classic look. These contemporary entry door designs will be extremely popular in 2016, even on old homes. You do not have to buy a new home in order to have an updated exterior – simply replace your old with the new!


The second entry door design trend of 2016 involves larger than normal doors that are wide opening, but still have the look of an old fashioned wooden door. These large doors have the entry door design of large panels and designs on the wood. These larger doors do not only have to be wood, but can be steel or fibreglass. The new entry door design is still similar to the previous ones you may have seen around your neighbourhood, but this coming year, the bigger, the better.


The final entry door design that will have people swapping out their doors this coming year is to have energy efficient doors. Having energy efficient doors are becoming an increasingly top trend for 2016. Not only because they look amazing, but because these doors can helps you save major costs on energy. Having energy efficient doors ensures that you will not have any cross breezes, leaks or visible gaps from the outside. Ensuring that your entry door design is fully insulated, caulked and fitted properly, you’ll quickly see the benefits of energy efficient doors.


The energy efficient entry door design is extremely popular, but not all window and door suppliers provide customers with the option of energy efficient entry door design. At Eco Choice Windows and Doors, energy efficient doors are our speciality. We provide our customers with some of the best energy efficient entry door designs on the market. For all your window and door needs, especially 2016 entry door designs, you should give us a call. We provide our customers with the best service and make sure that they are happy with their final product. Visit our website, or call us toll free at, 1-855-273-3261. You can book a consultation with our windows and doors experts to determine what options are the best for your home in 2016.