Window Replacement on a budget

Some do it as part of good maintenance; others do it because their windows have stopped keeping the home warm and dry. Whichever type of homeowner you are, window replacement cost is likely to be at the top of your mind.


If you are looking for ways to offset the cost of window replacement, check our financing options. There are government rebates available, too, for projects that make a house more energy efficient.


To help you plan a budget for your window replacement, we are going to explain what can increase (or decrease) the cost of window installation.

Average cost of window replacement

The average cost of window replacement in Toronto is $670. However, replacement can cost residents from as little as $250 to $2,000, depending on the number of windows to be replaced and the types of windows.


A typical family home in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with three bedrooms should be between $2,500 and $9,000 to outfit with replacement windows. This will include the cost of the windows and labour. Homeowners should expect to be somewhere in the middle of that for their project, with standard-size double pane windows.


For a large home and custom windows (shape, design and decoration), projects can cost upwards of $20,000.


Estimates are just that…estimates. Speak to Eco Choice Windows and Doors’ sales team to get an accurate quote for your project. We will be able to guide you on how you can reduce the cost of your windows too. Some factors that can increase the price of your new windows are:


  • Full-frame or retrofit – A full-frame installation involves removing the old window and studwork. The surrounding brick-mould may need to be repaired too. With a retrofit, the jamb is untouched and it is mostly a case of ‘swapping’ windows.
  • Window configuration – Sliding windows cost less than casement windows but also offer less energy efficiency then casement windows.
  • Double-pane vs triple-plane – The rule of thumb is as the number of panes goes up, so does the price. Triple-plane (or triple-glazed) windows are the most energy efficient, but also more expensive to manufacture.

Tips for saving money when getting a window replacement


“How can I save money on replacement windows?” Yes, that’s one of the most common questions we are asked. Let’s try and compare the cost versus benefit of the different ways you can reduce the cost of your window replacement project.


Comparing ways to reduce the cost of window replacement on a budget


  Pros Cons What we say
Not replacing windows None Rotten wood and major repair work will cost thousands more later Replace your windows before they cause damage to your house!
Energy efficient windows Lower heating and cooling costs; quieter and more comfortable homes None Energy efficient windows will pay for themselves in energy savings; plentiful rebates available
Weatherstripping or compression seal Both improve the sealing and draft performance of the window None Both cost about the same, but compression seals are the newer technology and offer improved performance
Low-E coating Keep heat indoors in winters; reflect sunlight and prevent ‘greenhouse effect’ Can raise the cost of the glass; they add a tint to the window and reduce the amount of sunlight that can enter Low E Glass greatly improves the efficiency of windows is a must when window shopping.
Window trim Decorative elements for window surrounds and more Don’t offer functional benefits; increase the cost of windows Say no to window trim to lower cost, unless aesthetics are that important
Laminate exterior glass More resistant to breaking; Improves sound insulation Greater costs then standard glass. A great options when outside noise and safety are factors in your window buying decision
Material choice Vinyl is more economical than wood; large selection of finishes and colors make it just like wood None Vinyl offers the best energy efficiency for its overall cost.
Standard style Standard sizes and styles are more affordable; huge selection to choose from May not meet the exact aesthetic requirements you had in mind With large catalogue of standard signs to choose from, standard signs suit most peoples’ needs




Is window warranty important?

Warranty on new replacement windows

Both window and installation warranty is included in the cost of your windows. The warranty should cover the windows frames, glass, hardware, screen and labour for installing the windows.


Remember warranty only covers manufacturing/installation defects. If you have broken your window or tampered with the installation, the damage will not be covered under warranty.

Best way to save money on replacement windows

The best and easiest way to save money on windows is by giving your windows and doors expert a call. Find out what promotions are running and if there are installation discounts you can take advantage of. Call Eco Choice Windows and Doors to talk about your requirements, schedule a free at-home visit and receive a quote.


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