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Preparation for your Windows & Doors Installation

Prior to installation day there are a few things you can do to prepare your home. These easy steps will give our installers easier access to the windows/doors and facilitate a seamless installation process.


Installers will repeatedly walk in and out of your home and move room to room. They will be carrying oversized and heavy windows. For safety purposes, you want to be sure they have an unobstructed path. Move furniture near the window/door being installed and other obstacles that might block their path. Exterior work requires use of ladders and other equipment that could interfere with flower beds and other plantings. They may incur some unavoidable damage - although we will be mindful of your gardening.

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Window Coverings

Be sure to take down window coverings, shutters, blinds, curtains and any items adjacent to the windows prior to your installation. You might consider removing wall hangings and pictures near the windows to ensure no damage occurs.
NOTE: Eco Choice Windows & Doors will not be held responsible for any damage to personal items left around and/or near the window/door installation.
Eco Choice Windows & Doors is not responsible for the Re-Installation of any window coverings, shutters, or blinds unless pecified on the contract.

Winter Installation

Please make sure Snow or Ice is shoveled and cleared where windows & doors are to be installed. We reserve the right to cancel the installation if our installation crews deem its not safe to complete a proper installation due to snow or ice accumulation.

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Cover It Up

Dust & dirt will occur during your installation. Please cover floor and furniture near your window/door installation to keep dust and dirt to a minimum.
NOTE: Our installers will make every effort to ensure a clean and tidy installation but the customer is responsible for deep cleaning after the installation.

Secure Pets and Children

During the process of replacing windows and doors, your home is considered a job site and proper safety measures must be taken. Carefully watch over your children and, if required, secure pets to a separate part of the home.


Alarm Security Connection

Our installers are not authorized and/or responsible to reconnect any alarm system that you have installed. Please contact your alarm company to make arrangements for disconnecting and reconnecting the alarm.


Access to the driveway may be required therefore we ask you to remove all vehicles and in the event, you have a shared driveway, please contact your neighbours. In circumstances where a parking permit is required, acquisition of permit is the responsibility of the homeowner.

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