How Can Eco Choice Windows and Doors Help You Refresh Your Home This Summer?


If you think about it, summer is the perfect season to really refresh your home in more ways than one. You get long days, allowing you to get more done, beautiful warm weather, so you don’t have to worry about a cold spell bringing things to a grinding halt, and you generally feel more invigorated and full of ideas to breathe some new life into your four walls (and beyond).

Upgrading your windows and doors is a great way to boost your home. Whether you want fresh colours and materials or are looking to enhance energy efficiency, ventilation, or both, summer’s a great time to do so. Eco Choice Windows & Doors can help you with all of this, from our expert consultants to professional installers and everything in between. So, let’s dive into how new windows and doors can help you revitalize your home this summer!

The Benefits of Window and Door Replacements

Many homeowners underestimate how important of a role windows and doors can play in many ways. They are responsible for a lot of your home’s energy efficiency, natural light, and ventilation. Still, all of these factors also influence your quality of life, so let’s look closer.

Increased Energy Efficiency

With today’s world becoming increasingly eco-conscious and the cost of living continuing to rise, energy-efficient windows have become more critical than ever. Thanks to constantly advancing technologies, they can help you cut down on cooling costs during the hot months of the year. This benefit then continues by protecting your home from cold drafts and energy loss during winter as well, helping you keep your energy bills down year-round.

With improved insulation, minimized air leakage, low-E coatings, and double—and triple-pane options, you can maximize your home’s energy efficiency long-term and really make a big difference in comfort and savings.


Enhanced Natural Light

Everybody loves natural light. Not only does it cut down on artificial lighting, but it also has significant psychological and aesthetic benefits. Plenty of natural light improves your mood and productivity and creates a more inviting environment you want to spend time in. Larger windows can also help you take a mental break by framing your outdoor view, allowing you to recharge.

Improved Ventilation

While good ventilation is essential throughout the year, it’s especially crucial to keep your home cool and comfortable during summer. Casement and awning windows are the best for this as they both open outward (just hinged differently) to catch breezes, directing them into your home for premium circulation and ventilation. This will allow you to naturally reduce indoor temperature and improve air quality by avoiding stale, standing air.

Upgrading Your Home with New Windows

As mentioned above, over the last few years, technologies have significantly evolved and advanced in almost every aspect, giving you plenty of benefits with new windows boosting your home. 

Styles and Designs

There are several different styles to choose from, which allows you to match pretty much any architectural design while still gaining the benefits of their functionality. Whether you are looking for the superior ventilation of a casement window and the natural light of bay windows or the classic convenience of double-hung and sliding windows, Eco Choice Windows & Doors has an option and style to suit your home.


Materials and Technologies

Styles and types are not the only options you have, with the choice of materials and additional technologies having a significant impact as well. Frame material options like vinyl, aluminum, or wood come with their individual benefits, but the other technologies are where the most advancements have been made. Low-E coatings can significantly reduce heat transfer, while double- and triple-glazing add additional insulation to the window. You can further enhance that by adding gases like argon between the panes and get superior insulation, boosting energy efficiency and comfort.

Installation Process

The best window won’t help much if a subpar installation counters its benefits. Eco Choice can help you ensure a seamless and professional installation that matches the quality of your new window. This way, you’ll reap the benefits while ensuring your windows last longer.

Transforming Your Home with New Doors

If you want to make an impact, your front door is a great way to do so. Choose a door with a unique design or a bold colour to make a statement for your visitors and express your personality. Eco Choice offers a wide choice of styles without compromising safety or energy efficiency.

Patio and Garden Doors

There is another option, though, as you can also boost your home with a new patio or garden door. Whether you’re looking for the space-saving design of a sliding door or the classic look of French doors, they can help you connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces and create an inviting space to host family gatherings and barbecues or allow you to relax and unwind.


Summer Colors and Trends

While many homeowners play it safe and go for neutral white window frames and go with anything, why not embrace the freshness of summer and incorporate some of the brighter and more vibrant colours? Create some contrast with the window frames or a bold colour for your front door and add a lot of character.


Embrace summer and make the most of it by refreshing your home with new and improved windows and doors. Reap the benefits of increased energy efficiency, more natural light, and increased ventilation, and you can create a more comfortable and attractive living space you’ll be able to enjoy with family and friends. Eco Choice Windows and Doors is here to help you with every step, from selecting the perfect products to a professional installation.

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