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March 2nd, 2021 by Eco Choice

Your Guide to Selecting the Right Patio Door

Patio doors have always been associated with regal, aristocratic homes but are now becoming a larger part of contemporary homes as well. Manufacturers have taken advantage of technology to make patio doors widely available. They have evolved from standard French doors to more modern designs including garden doors, sliding doors and many other designs to complement current home trends. 


Here is a complete guide written by Eco Choice Windows and Doors to selecting the Right Patio Door for your household:



In deciding what works best for the entrance space, you have to measure the space on both the interior and exterior sides. This will help you determine which functional style will work best. You can select from the following types of patio doors:


  • Out Swing: These doors require space on the outside to swing outwards. They work well in situations where you require doors with high strength and stability such as hurricane-prone areas.


  • In Swing: These are the most commonly used doors for indoor spaces as the hinges are not visible from the outside. An additional screen can help provide added protection from natural elements such as dust, rainwater etc. which may sweep in through the door.


  • Sliding Doors: Sliding patio doors are best for constrained spaces where a swinging door cannot be accommodated such as sunroom or balcony spaces.



When choosing a patio door, you must also look at the functionality and ease of use the door provides. This means choosing the right material that does not require a lot of maintenance. You can also upgrade your door with added features such as blinds, solar screens and insect screens. All these functionalities can easily be added to a patio door which is also low maintenance and easy to use. 


Styling Options

After having decided that your home could do with a patio door, you must also consider what kind of styling you’d like to go for. You can examine the following options to get a better idea:


  • What style best suits the internal and exterior design of your home?
  • Do you want the entire door or a portion of it screened?
  • What are the extreme temperatures you face, to help decide the right material and style?
  • Space availability on both sides of the door?
  • How often would you use the door – would it be occasional, seasonal or face constant traffic?


These questions can help determine the right kind of style for your next patio door. Once you know the kind of style you’d like, you can contact Eco Choice Windows and Doors to help you get your dream patio door.


Glass Options

There has been a major advancement in glass production and its technology. The glass being used today is well equipped to provide protection as well as insulation. For people living in warmer climates, tinted glasses provide good shade protection and obscure glass provides privacy and protection while allowing light to enter. 


In order to decide the right kind of glass for your patio door, ask yourself the following questions:


  • How energy efficient should the glass be?
  • Does the patio door need to absorb, deflect or transmit the light?
  • Should the glass be able to absorb high impacts if you’re living in coastal areas?
  • What are the extreme climates in your region?
  • Would you benefit from clear glass or glass which is decorative and frosty?

You can choose the glass type which matches the functionality you’re looking for.


Care and Maintenance

Depending on the material and framework, certain patio doors require more maintenance. Always look at the material and its durability in different climates and circumstances. Wood is versatile but can also be damaged by extreme exposure to water and snow and has to be treated with a different material on the exterior to enhance its lifespan. For ease of mind, select patio doors which require less maintenance and last throughout time. Learn more about our vinyl doors which are more durable than wood and can withstand corrosion from weather.


These factors will surely help you figure out what you need to keep in mind when planning your patio door upgrade experience. 


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