The Best Windows for Cold Weather in Newmarket

windows in winter

Canadians know that once winter settles in, it’s usually here to stay. While a snowy landscape is beautiful, and you may like going to ski or skidoo or enjoy being outside, it can get quite frigid, making it even more critical to ensure that your windows are up to the task of keeping the cold at bay and making your home warm and comfortable.

Good windows are crucial to keep the heat and cold where they should be, avoiding cramming the heat and then dealing with the ensuing energy bills.

So, which windows will actually stand up to the test and keep you warm? Let’s find out, so here are the best windows for cold weather in Newmarket.

Importance of Choosing the Right Windows in Newmarket

With windows accounting for up to 30% of the total heat loss in a home, it’s easy to see the importance of choosing the right windows in Newmarket. They shoulder a big responsibility for keeping your house warm, you comfortable, and your energy bills in manageable regions. This is, by the way, also applicable for the summer months, when your windows will keep the heat outside, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

New vinyl windows come with a host of benefits, going beyond their outstanding energy efficiency. They don’t only keep the cold outside but also reduce noise trying to invade your home. Being resistant to all weather conditions, they also are very durable and coupled with their low maintenance requirements, you’ll be able to enjoy them worry-free for many years. Finally, vinyl windows come in various styles and colours, providing flexibility in design. They’re also often more affordable than other window materials, making them a cost-effective choice.

Signs That You Need New Windows This Winter

Cold Drafts

(Too) Many of us have experienced a cold, uncomfortable draft during the year’s colder months, giving you the chills and forcing you to crank the heat higher to compensate. This is one of the most prominent signs that your windows require a closer look before winter.

But even if you don’t feel a draft yet or if it’s been too warm to do so, you should inspect your windows to ensure they are still in good and complete working condition.

Examine Weatherstripping and Caulking

The weatherstrip is the strip of material that seals the window openings to keep the weather outside, whether wind or rain. The caulking is the plastic-like rubbery material around your windows, sealing all the tiny gaps to prevent air and moisture leakage. If you find either damaged, cracked or missing altogether, you can quickly and affordably replace them ahead of winter.

Test Functionality

Check all windows to ensure they are all functioning correctly and efficiently. Test your cranks, handles and latches to see if you can operate them efficiently. If your windows feel stuck while opening and closing, it could be a sign that the frame has shifted or warped, preventing them from sealing tightly and securely.

Check Your Frames

With age, older window frames can warp with seasonal fluctuations, wear and tear or the house settling. Inspect the frames, especially the corners and joints, regularly to check for cracks or gaps.

Monitor Condensation

Condensation on the outside of your windows is expected, depending on how cold it is outside; some condensation on the inside can also occur, but if you find condensation between the window panes, something’s amiss. It could be some deteriorated caulking or a crack in the frame, causing moisture to seep into your window. 

If you find more than condensation inside your window or even notice humidity on the wall around it, it could be a sign of a cracked frame that allows water to enter.

Best Window Features for Cold Climate

Not all windows are created equal, so it’s worth checking out different features to enhance your windows’ defence against the cold climate.

Durable and Efficient Frames

Vinyl window frames are a popular and efficient choice. They are highly thermally efficient, durable and affordable compared to many other alternatives. Their construction has air pockets that act as additional insulation.

Glass Options

Glass has a few options to consider:

  • Number of panes: Consider two- or even three-pane units for additional insulation and reduced energy loss.
  • Low-E (emissivity) glass: Low-E coatings are transparent coatings applied to the panes. They allow light into your home but significantly reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light passing through, helping you to keep the heat in and the cold out.
  • Gas fills: If you want to take the insulation further, consider filling the space between the glass panes with argon gas. Argon is denser than air and further helps reduce heat transfer.

triple or double pane

Quality Sealing

Warm edge spacers are an effective solution to help your windows in more ways than one. They don’t only insulate the edges of your window unit but also keep the glass panes apart from each other, adding structural stability and mitigating some of the stress that thermal expansion and contraction put on your windows throughout the year. These spacers expand and contract at the same rate as the insulated glass unit, thus helping to prevent the window’s seal from failing and any gas from escaping.


Your windows play a critical role in protecting your home and comfort from the onslaught of winter, so choosing the right windows is crucial to ensure your comfort and energy bills. Whether you opt for double- or triple-pane windows, Low-E glass, argon gas, Energy STAR-certified units or all of the above, the right choice can make a significant difference.

And if you’re worried about running out of time for your window replacement before winter hits, window installations can be made in any season (with some exceptions). To read more about this, check out our post on winter window replacement tips.

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