Best windows for the living room

The living room is not just the hub of indoor family activity, it’s also the centerpiece of the home. Whether you want to just want to relax or throw a party for your friends, the living room serves as the perfect setting. It also makes the first impression on the rest of your home. 

Having a comfortable and visually beautiful living room is an absolute must.  The type of window you install has a huge effect on the ambiance and environment of the living room. Generally, living room windows are the biggest windows of your home. Because of their large dimensions, living room windows need to be constructed with a combination of smaller regular-sized windows.  

Some operable windows like casements and awnings have high frame profiles that have less glass area and thus, let in less light. Others like sliders and end-vents have low profiles; while fixed windows of both varieties can be found. In order to optimize your indoor lighting requirement, you can install a combination of different styles of windows that suit your needs.

Window Styles

Casement windows Casement windows are an excellent addition to the living room. They open outwards and provide ample ventilation and natural light. Casements are very versatile and are available in both low and high profiles. Installing a combination of fixed and operable casements can provide a great view as well as energy efficiency while not entirely obstructing the flow of air.

Picture windows Picture windows are large and allow the most amount of natural light into your home. As they do not open, picture windows trap heat indoors and provide the best energy efficiency. If you are looking for maximum comfort for your living room, picture windows can be the best choice. Combining it with operable casements can allow ventilation while losing insulating properties.

Double and Single hung windows – A popular style of window, double hung windows have two moveable sashes that give homeowners a greater ability to control indoor air ventilation. Single hung windows are basically the same just that only the lower sash is operable while the upper sash remains fixed. Double and single hung windows allow plenty of natural and ventilation and are easier to clean and maintain.  

Bay and Bow Windows – If you want to improve the visual appeal of your home, installing a bay window can do the trick. Typically made with a combination of three windows, a protruding fixed window with two casements or double hung windows on the side, bay windows add depth as well a little space for your living room. Bay windows require a larger wall space as the installations are usually larger than typical windows. Bow windows are similar-looking installations made with a combination of four or five operable or inoperable windows. Both bay and bow windows allow ample sunlight, as well as ventilation, depending on if a proper combination of moveable and fixed parts are installed. 

Looking to renovate your living room with a combination of different windows? Whether you want to improve indoor ventilation, comfort levels or just want a visually pleasing upgrade, we are ready to help. 

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